Amsterdam (Leonardo DiCaprio) refuses to be a victim of Jenny’s (Cameron Diaz) thievery.

In this scene: Amsterdam (Leonardo DiCaprio), Jenny (Cameron Diaz)

About Gangs of New York:
As waves of immigrants swell the population of New York, lawlessness and corruption thrive in lower Manhattan’s Five Points section. After years of incarceration, young Irish immigrant Amsterdam Vallon returns seeking revenge against the rival gang leader who killed his father. Before long, Amsterdam’s personal vendetta becomes part of an erupting wave of full-blown gang warfare, as he and his fellow Irishmen fight to carve a place for themselves in their newly adopted homeland.

Starring, in alphabetical order: Jim Broadbent, Daniel Day-Lewis, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, John C. Reilly

Gangs of New York on Miramax:

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Gangs of New York | ‘A Turtle Dove’ (HD) - Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz | MIRAMAX

Gangs of New York | ‘A Turtle Dove’ (HD) - Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz | MIRAMAX - СКАЧАТЬ ВИДЕО
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