The rise of indie developers has brought us some of the greatest 2D platform games of all time. If you love old school gameplay combined with modern graphics you should give these five platformers a try!

5. Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is one of the most hardcore platform games ever made. It requires you to reach the end of a level without dying in a world filled with horrible death traps. This game has made grown-up men cry, it's THAT challenging. But equally as rewarding when you finally do beat that one difficult level.

4. Trine series

The Trine games are simply gorgeous and switching between characters to solve puzzles, is a lovely gameplay mechanic. It mixes traditional platforming with physics based puzzles and does this in such an awesome and original way. Developer Frozenbyte is already working on a third game we can't wait to play.

3. Ori and the Blind Forest

We think Ori and the Blind Forest is the most beautiful platform game ever made. The game is also really challenging requiring a lot from your platforming skills. The Metroidvania-like gameplay has you constantly searching for power-ups to reach new area's. Ori and the Blind Forest is addicting, beautiful and challenging and we absolutely love it.

2. Guacamelee!

Guacamelee is an awesome name for a game. What else would you call a Metroidvania-like brawler with a strong Mexican vibe? In Guacamelee you need to explore, puzzle and fight your way through lots of expertly designed levels. The constant sense of progression makes this one of the most addicting platformers of recent years.

1. Rayman Origins & Legends

Our number one modern platform game has to be the Rayman Origins and Legends series. These games are easy to pick-up and play and offer support for local co-op fun with your friends. The hand drawn art style is beautiful to look at and the challenge in these games is very real. We are not the greatest fans of Rayman as a character but we absolutely love this platforming series!



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