Explaindio 3 Daily animation 65 Ask a horse advice.
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We are making five animations from different, free templates in Powtoon.

Basically, it is just a question of replacing the text

Each lesson has a Problem, a Solution and the step by step making of the Animation

Easy to follow, easy to do.


" This Class Is Amazing! Anneke Camstra has created a fantastic course that not only gets your creative juices flowing but gives you that extra shove to actually MAKE an animation!The class is set up in very comprehensive pieces. Do this, and you will get that. LOVED how Anneke shows us how she works to create animations along the way. Thumbs UP! Would I recommend this class to the absolute beginner. Definitely. To the intermediate animator? Yes! " Nin Leavitt


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Animation for beginners 1 is part of a series of 3 Animation for beginners courses.

Animation for beginners 2 is about adding a Voice-over to your animation.

Animation for beginners 3 is about Outsourcing your animations for under $50.

Explaindio 3 Daily animation 65 Ask a horse! - СКАЧАТЬ ВИДЕО
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