Mark Dice

CNN Host Has Emotional Breakdown - Because People Don't Trust CNN Anymore

11 час назад

CNN's Kate Bolduan starts yelling and pointing her finger in the face of a panelist who doubts the "anonymous sources" the mainstream media keeps citing ...

Trump Speech in Saudi Arabia to Muslim World

14 час назад

President Trump's full speech to Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia, his first overseas visit of his presidency. He speaks slower than usual so the translators can ...

Maxine Waters Reveals Proof Trump is Russian Agent 😂

3 дн назад

Congresswoman Maxine Waters reveals her findings after six months of investigations into Trump and the Russians that will finally bring impeachment charges ...

🔴 Live Q & A - One Million Subscribers Celebration

4 дн назад

Celebrating reaching 1 million subscribers with a live Q & A. You can use the Super Chat feature to get your comment featured at the top of the list. Support me ...

James Comey Admits Trump Admin Didn’t Obstruct Investigation

4 дн назад

FBI Director James Comey testified under oath that the Trump Administration didn't try to obstruct his investigations, but may give opinions about things, which ...

I Hit One Million Subscribers! - We Are Dominating Liberal Media!

5 дн назад

A big league Thank You to all the subscribers for helping me get to one million subscribers! We are dominating the mainstream media, but they're not going ...

MSNBC Goes Full Libtard with Russia Obsession in New Promo

6 дн назад

MSNBC's obsession with Russia has led host Chris Hayes to the infamous Watergate hotel where he recorded the promo for his show, 'All In with Chris Hayes' ...

Tim Allen Fired by ABC for Exposing Hollywood's Liberal Insanity

1 нед назад

Comedian Tim Allen's show 'Last Man Standing' has been canceled by ABC, despite being one of the network's most watched shows. Recently Tim denounced ...

Liberals Complaining Mother's Day is "Offensive" to “Non-Traditional Families”

1 нед назад

Mother's Day has been deemed offensive to Social Justice Warriors and Liberal Lunatics, because it's not "inclusive" enough and makes people with ...

Stephen Colbert Trump Joke Backfires - Then He Scolds Audience

2 нед назад

Stephen Colbert lectures his audience after his first joke of his monologue backfired when he thought he would be skewering President Trump, but as you will ...

Trump Trolls Rosie O'Donnell - Over James Comey Firing 😂

2 нед назад

President Trump trolled Rosie O'Donnell on Twitter over his firing of James Comey, and it was the top story on the CBS Evening News. Media analyst Mark Dice ...

Anderson Cooper Rolling His Eyes at Kellyanne Conway

2 нед назад

Watch Anderson Cooper roll his eyes after he lost his cool when interviewing Kellyanne Conway about President Trump firing FBI Director James Comey.

FBI Director James Comey FIRED!

2 нед назад

Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey, and liberals are absolutely freaking out. Now he can join Hillary Clinton in the unemployment line. Media analyst ...

“Gender-Neutral” MTV Movie Awards 2017 - The Most Insane Liberal Propaganda Yet

2 нед назад

The 2017 MTV Move Awards went "Gender Neutral" this year, eliminating different categories for men and women, because that's not being very inclusive.

Maxine Waters at MTV Movie Awards 2017 - Hailed as Social Justice Warrior Hero

2 нед назад

Congresswoman Maxine Waters was a guest presenter at the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards where she gave the award for the "Best Fight Against the ...

Trump Schools CNN Reporter in 1990 - Then Drops the Mic - Literally

2 нед назад

Vintage Donald Trump interview from 1990 shows him calling out the Fake News channel CNN and then he literally drops his mic and walks off. Media analyst ...

YouTube CEO Says Interrupting Her is "Sexist Microaggression"

3 нед назад

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki sat down with CNN to talk about women in tech, and wait until you hear about the biggest problem she's faced in the industry as a ...

Banned Trump TV Ad - CNN Refused to Air

3 нед назад

Here's the Trump TV ad that CNN refused to air, because of a one second clip which showed Wolf Blitzer, Rachel Maddow, Scott Peley, and other TV ...

Jimmy Kimmel Cries About Son's Birth Defect - Then Blames Trump

3 нед назад

Jimmy Kimmel gave an tearful monologue on Monday, telling the audience about the birth of his new son, who had a rare birth defect, and after he thanked all ...

Trump Joke Fact Checked by MSNBC Because They Have No Sense of Humor

3 нед назад

MSNBC has such a lame sense of humor, that host Lawrence O'Donnell spent an entire segment fact checking President Trump's nickname "Pocahontas" which ...

Trump Trolls CBS Reporter to His Face

3 нед назад

President Trump calls CBS News reporter fake news to his face and calls his show "Face the Nation" DEFACE THE NATION. Media analyst Mark Dice has the ...