Mark Dice

The Common Sense Test

7 час назад

Do you have common sense? What is common sense? What should you know about history and current events? Meet the people who lack the most basic ...

Gay Liberal Freaks Out When Touched by Female CNN Panelist

2 дн назад

Don't touch me!” proclaimed Charles Blow after fellow CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany lightly touched him on the arm during a discussion. Media analyst ...

Don Lemon Called “Fake News” By Guest - Gets Triggered

2 дн назад

CNN's Don Lemon got triggered after a panelist called his show fake news and walked off the set as he ended the segment. Black conservative contributor Paris ...

Trump Calls Liberal Media "Enemy of the American People"

2 дн назад

President Trump called the mainstream media the "enemy of American people," the day after his press conference where he toyed with reporters and called ...

Nancy Pelosi Uses Fake Tweet as "Evidence" of Watergate-sized Conspiracy in Trump Administration

3 дн назад

Nancy Pelosi cites a fake Tweet as evidence of Watergate-sized conspiracy in Trump administration live at a press conference. Media analyst Mark Dice has the ...

Trump Toys with Reporters at Press Conference Today

4 дн назад

Donald Trump toys with a CNN reporter again, calling his network “very fake news” at today's epic press conference where he pulled no punches and repeatedly ...

Tyrese Trump Meltdown - Fast & Furious Actor Begs Patriots to Skip White House Visit with "Hitler"

4 дн назад

Tyrese Gibson from Fast and the Furious is begging Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots not to go to the White House because President Trump is ...

PewDiePie Wishes Death to All Jews?

5 дн назад

Is PewDiePie, YouTube's biggest star, an anti-Semite who uses Nazi imagery in his videos and wishes Death to All Jews? That's the latest fake news going ...

Singer Wears Pro-Trump Dress to Grammys

6 дн назад

Joy Villa wore a "Make America Great Again" dress to the 2017 Grammys, shocking the poor liberal snowflakes who tremble in fear at the thought of Donald ...

CNN: Beyoncé Grammy Loss to Adele Due to "Racism"

7 дн назад

CNN reports that racism may be the reason Adele won Album of the Year for 25 over Beyoncé's Lemonade at the 2017 Grammys. Other mainstream media ...

Paris Jackson at Grammys 2017 - Michael Jackson's Daughter Gives Shout-Out to DAPL Protesters

7 дн назад

Paris Jackson gave a shoutout to the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters at the 2017 Grammys. She recently gave an interview with Rolling Stone magazine ...

Meet the Dumbest People in California

1 нед назад

The dumbest people in America live in California. Meet the completely clueless zombies who know nothing about basic American History, and things like why ...

Busta Rhymes Disses Trump at Grammys 2017

1 нед назад

Busta Rhymes called Donald Trump “President Agent Orange” and said he was spreading evil across the United States during his Grammy performance with A ...

Jennifer Lopez Trump Meltdown at Grammys 2017

1 нед назад

Jennifer Lopez almost breaks down into tears at the 2017 Grammys and declares at this particular point in history, celebrities voices are needed more than ever.

Katy Perry Calls Her Fans “Zombies”

1 нед назад

Katy Perry's single 'Chained to the Rhythm' chastises her “wasted zombie” fans as she promises her new album will be “pop with a purpose” as she's now a ...

Bernie Sanders Calls CNN “Fake News” - And His Feed Is Cut Off

1 нед назад

CNN “accidentally” cut off Bernie Sander's feed the second he jokingly called them fake news, in a hilarious coincidence and the latest blow to the ego of the ...

Liberal News Is Worth Less Than Toilet Paper

1 нед назад

More people are interested in news about the latest toilet paper technology than liberalism. The failed political philosophy has become such a mockery recently ...

CNN: Calling Us "Fake News" Is Like Using "N-Word"

2 нед назад

CNN's Chris Cuomo says that calling them Fake News is the equivalent of calling a black person the n-word. And NBC's Katy Tur says that President Trump as ...

Dear White People - Netflix “Black Revenge” Fantasy Series

2 нед назад

Netflix new series “Dear White People” is a race baiting, anti-white social justice warrior series scheduled to be released soon which depicts black students at a ...

Senile Nancy Pelosi Thinks George Bush is Still President

2 нед назад

Nancy Pelosi thinks she's back in the Bush administration, and her fellow crazy California Congresswoman Maxine Waters thinks Russia has invaded Korea.

MSNBC: Trump May Have Reporters Assassinated to Silence His Critics

2 нед назад

MSNBC reporter Katy Tur is concerned that President Trump may start having reporters assassinated for saying negative things about him. This is all a ...