Clapper: I found Trump's rally disturbing (full interview)

9 час назад

James Clapper speaks with CNN's Jim Sciutto a day after he questioned President Trump's fitness to hold office.

CNN Exclusive: Top White House official draws new scrutiny in Russia inquiry

11 час назад

Congressional investigators have unearthed an email from a top Trump aide that referenced a previously unreported effort to arrange a 2016 meeting between ...

Trump calls for unity in Nevada speech (full)

15 час назад

After his campaign rally in Phoenix, President Donald Trump calls for national healing in a speech to veterans at the National Convention of the American ...

Trump: It is time to heal wounds that divide us

15 час назад

President Trump called for national healing at the American Legion convention in Reno, Nevada, saying, "It is time to heal the wounds that have divided us."

Ex-Russian Ambassador Kislyak downplays Trump relationship

18 час назад

Former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak speaks to CNN's Matthew Chance about his relationship with the Trump administration.

White House halts coal mining health study

19 час назад

The Trump administration has halted a study of the health effects of a common mining technique in Appalachia, which is believed to deposit waste containing ...

Treasury secretary's wife apologizes for rant

20 час назад

Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin's wife, Louise Linton, apologizes for Instagram rant against commenter. Jeanne Moos has the "let them eat cake" debate.

Don Lemon: Trump's speech a total eclipse of the facts

21 час назад

CNN anchor Don Lemon says President Donald Trump's speech in Phoenix was an attempt to rewrite history, particularly when it came to events like the ...

Trump voters hit out at media, say Charlottesville was a setup

21 час назад

A panel of Donald Trump voters say they trust videos shared on their Facebook feeds more than traditional news outlets and explain why they think violence at a ...

How a Charlottesville conspiracy theory was born

21 час назад

CNN's Alisyn Camerota investigates a Charlottesville rally conspiracy theory after Trump voters who appeared on "New Day" said they believe protesters were ...

President Trump's full rally in Phoenix

1 дн назад

During a rally in Arizona, President Donald Trump defended his responses to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, while omitting that he blamed the clashes ...

Clapper's full interview on Trump's rally

1 дн назад

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper spoke with CNN's Don Lemon after President Trump's Phoenix rally.

Tillerson addresses Trump's Afghanistan plan

2 дн назад

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke from the State Department about President Trump's new Afghanistan strategy.

Inmate faces execution despite new DNA evidence

2 дн назад

Missouri is set to execute death row inmate Marcellus Williams on August 22, despite new DNA evidence. It's up to the Supreme Court to decide whether to stop ...

Oddball moments from an unforgettable solar eclipse

2 дн назад

CNN's Jeanne Moos sheds light on eclipse oddities with a compilation of oddball clips from eclipse coverage.

Cheers as baby pulled from Italy earthquake rubble

2 дн назад

Rescue workers pulled a baby from the debris of a collapsed building after a deadly earthquake struck the Italian island of Ischia.

Treasury secretary's wife touts wealth in online post

2 дн назад

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's wife Louise Linton goes on an Instagram tirade after a user criticized her for touting her wealth.

Trump supporters weigh in on Afghanistan and mental fitness questions

2 дн назад

Trump supporters from five states talk to CNN's Alysin Camerota about President Trump's shift in Afghanistan, criticism of his mental fitness and more.

Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump

2 дн назад

After a story was published by The Daily Caller saying that President Trump's youngest son, Barron, needs to dress "like he's in the White House," Chelsea ...

Haley: Trump listened to his generals

2 дн назад

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley says that President Trump listened to his generals regarding the military strategy he laid out for Afghanistan.

Haley: Trump clarified no room for bigotry

2 дн назад

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley tells Chris Cuomo that President Trump clarified that there is no room for bigotry while laying out his Afghanistan strategy.