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Sanders to Run for Senate as Independent in 2018

26 сек назад

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders confirmed that he will run for reelection in the Senate next year as an independent, despite recent pressure from some Democrats ...

All 5 Living Ex-US Presidents Come Together for Hurricane Relief Concert

5 мин назад

On Oct. 21, all five living former U.S. presidents put politics aside and came together for a benefit concert in Texas to raise money for hurricane relief efforts.

Typhoon Lan Causes Floods, Landslides & Deaths in Japan

10 мин назад

Typhoon Lan slammed into eastern Japan with wind gusts of 198 kph on Oct. 23, and Kyodo News reports at least seven deaths nationwide.

Thousands of Previously Unseen JFK Assassination Files to Be Released

12 мин назад

On Oct. 21, President Trump announced on Twitter that he will allow the release of thousands of classified documents about the JFK assassination after years of ...

Thousands of Fish Wash Ashore in Kashmir

23 мин назад

Authorities in Kashmir are telling people not to panic after thousands of fish washed ashore on the banks of the Jhelum river.

Tillerson Tells Iranian-Funded Militias to 'Go Home'

1 час назад

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said that Iranian militias and foreign fighters in Iraq need to go home now that Islamic State has largely been defeated.

American Screenwriter, James Toback Accused of Sexual Harassment

1 час назад

On Oct. 22, The Los Angeles Times reported 38 women have come forward with sexual harassment allegations against James Toback.

Asylum Seekers Refusing to Leave Papua New Guinea Detention Center

1 час назад

Asylum seekers at Papua New Guinea's Manus Island Regional Processing Centre are refusing to leave the facility, even though it's set to close on Oct. 31.

Israel Lifts Grounding of Apache Helicopters Nearly 3 Months After Deadly Crash

2 час назад

Israel has lifted a nearly three-month grounding on all Air Force Apache attack helicopters following a deadly crash that left one dead and another critically ...

Salvador Dali Painting Thought to Be Stolen May Have Been Recovered

2 час назад

Lebanese authorities arrested four people who allegedly tried to sell a Salvador Deli painting known as “Portrait of Mrs. Reeves.”

Tyler Perry Scores 6th No. 1 Debut With 'Boo 2!'

3 час назад

"Boo 2! A Madea Halloween" raked in $21.7 million at the North American box office weekend of Oct. 20, debuting at No. 1.

Justin Timberlake Will Be Halftime Performer at Super Bowl LII

4 час назад

Pop star Justin Timberlake revealed Oct. 22 that he will be the halftime performer at Super Bowl LII.

Man Wears Sign to Get Kidney for Wife

4 час назад

A 74-year-old man in Utah is walking the streets wearing a sandwich board trying to find a kidney for his sick wife.

Tunisian Court Sentences Couple to Prison for Public Indecency

5 час назад

On Oct. 18, a Tunisian court sentenced a couple to prison time in a high-profile public indecency case.

Body Found in Search for Missing 3-Year-Old

5 час назад

On Oct. 22, authorities searching for 3-year-old Sherin Mathews discovered the body of a small child in a culvert near her Dallas-area home.

Clash Between Jade-Seekers and Police Turns Deadly

5 час назад

Police open fired on a group of 600 jade-seekers trying to enter a privately owned mine, killing at least five and injuring 20.

UK Diver Swims for 3 Hours to Escape Shark

5 час назад

John Craig swam more than 7.5km back to shore after being followed by a shark in waters off Western Australia Oct. 20.

Japanese Prime Minister's Party Secures Two-Thirds Majority

5 час назад

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his Liberal Democratic Party have sailed to victory in early elections, securing a two-thirds majority in the lower house ...

Employers in the Philippines Required to Give Workers Breaks From Sitting

5 час назад

The Philippines Department of Labor and Employment now requires businesses to give employees five minutes breaks from sitting every two hours.

Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport Is off of the Sleeping in Airport's Worst Airport List

5 час назад

Ninoy Aquino International Airport is off of the list of the worst airports for the first time in six years.

3 Russian Warships Unload Weaponry and Military Vehicles in Manila

5 час назад

On Oct. 20, three Russian warships docked in Manila, Philippines to unload military vehicles and weaponry as part of a defense relationship between the two ...