Ricardo Gardener

PS4 Pro- Setting up a Wireless Internet conection

2 дн назад

Here is how to setup a Wireless Internet connection or WiFi on the PS4 Pro or PS4 step by step. Website:http://www.blogtechtips.com/blog/ Donate: ...

Dz09 Unresponsive touch randum button presses fix

3 дн назад

If your DZ09 is experiencing a unresponsive display that wont touch at times or you get random button presses that may dial random numbers on the dialer or ...

Best UPS for PS4 Pro

1 нед назад

Buy Now: https://tinyurl.com/y92clhuo This is one of the Best UPS for PS4 Pro and older PlayStation that will provide power in case of a Electrical outage or ...

APC BE850M2 UPS Battery Backup and Surge Protector Unboxing

1 нед назад

Buy Now:https://tinyurl.com/y7bcv9fu The APC BE850M2 UPS Battery Backup and Surge Protector is a 850VA / 450W UPS has 9 ports, 2 USB ports and is ideal ...

How to charge your PS4 Controller with a Phone charger safely

2 нед назад

So today I will be showing you how to charge your PS4 controller with a Phone charger safely at the wall. Follow these tips as shown in the video to make sure ...

How to create a GIF on the Galaxy S8 or S9

2 нед назад

Learn how to create a GIF easily on the Galaxy S8,S9 or other similar devices. No special app required,phone only and images to use.

How to put the DZ09 Smartwatch on Silent

2 нед назад

Here is how to put the DZ09 on silent easily. You can also customize your silent settings the way you like and much more.

Set God of War 4 to full screen or Remove Black Borders Fix

2 нед назад

Easily remove Black borders from God of War 4 or other similar Games on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro. Detailed easy to follow guide.

PS4 Pro Add and Use any Photo you want as Custom wallpaper Easy

3 нед назад

Here is how to set custom wallpaper on ps4 or how to add and set any Photo you want as custom wallpaper on the PlayStation 4 Pro. This method is very easy ...

How to change boot Animation on DZ09 Easy

3 нед назад

Learn how to change boot animation on dz09 Smartwatch easily to whatever you like. With step by step directions. Website:http://www.blogtechtips.com/blog/ ...

How to change Ringtone on DZ09 to any Music ♪♫♬

3 нед назад

Easily Change the Ringtone on the Dz09 to any Music you like or one of the default ringtones. Great way of customizing your smartwatch to suit your needs and ...

How To Change Wallpaper Of DZ09 SmartWatch

3 нед назад

Here is how to change wallpaper of the DZ09 Smartwatch in every possible way to any Image you would like. You can even set the default or an Image from your ...

Not seeing Recorded Videos for upload on IGTV Fix

3 нед назад

Here is how to fix the issue where you are not seeing all or some of your videos for upload. You may encounter this after recording a video but you cant find it to ...

God of War 4 Unboxing PS4

3 нед назад

This is my God of War 4 Unboxing to show you what to expect when you get this title for the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro.

PS4 Pro Unboxing-1TB Jet Black Edition

4 нед назад

Buy Now:https://tinyurl.com/y8x42ao3 This is my unboxing of the PS4 Pro 1 TB jet black that I just picked up brand new with God of War 4. See whats in the Box ...

IGTV Tips and Tricks

4 нед назад

Here are some cool tips and tricks you should know while using Instagram TV or IGTV. These may not be so obvious to most users and will improve your user ...

IGTV New Instagram Video feature like YouTube

4 нед назад

Instagram TV or IGTV is a new feature of Instagram that's available now and offers video features like YouTube. Videos are shout in portrait mode and are longer ...

Fix Session Expired Error on Facebook Messenger App-5 solutions

4 нед назад

Find out how to fix Session Expired Error on Facebook Messenger on Android easily. Get rid of the session expired please log in again error message that ...

Enable or Disable Two factor authentication on Facebook

1 мес назад

Learn How to Enable and Disable two-factor Authentication on Facebook to improve your security. When anyone try to login from a new device or browser a 6 ...

BLU R2 LTE Smartphone Quick Overview

1 мес назад

This is a quick look at the BLU R2 LTE Smartphone including features, What the device looks like and the software that comes on the device out the box.

How to Test if a Power Supply is dead with a Paper clip

1 мес назад

This is how to Test a Power Supply With a Paper clip outside the computer. Great for finding out if your Power supply is dead or working in cases where your PC ...