'Horrendous': Manchester Arena attendees describe ‘lax security’ at venue

29 мин назад

A number of people who attended the concert have posted online to describe what they say was a lack of security at the arena. European countries such as ...

Plan or Coincidence? Manchester attack comes on anniversary of UK soldier murder

45 мин назад

The UK has suffered several terrorist attacks during the last two years. Monday's incident in Manchester happened on the fourth anniversary of another terrorist ...

Manchester Arena attack: ISIS claims responsibility after 22 killed, almost 60 injured

59 мин назад

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) claims it was behind the Manchester terrorist attack which killed at least 22 people and injured almost 60 others. The attack ...

Toughest deal of all? Trump eyes brokering peace between Palestine & Israel

58 мин назад

Donald Trump has just left Israel, where he spent two days as part of his first trip abroad as president. A major theme of his visit was achieving peace between ...

Manchester Arena Bombing: How events unfolded

1 час назад

Manchester Arena is one of the largest indoor venues in Europe. The suicide bombing happened at a stadium concert on Monday night which killed at least 22 ...

'Arena blast worst to hit north of England' - UK PM May

4 час назад

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday condemned a fatal attack that took place the previous evening in Manchester, where 22 people were killed and ...

'They're evil losers!': US President Trump on terrorists behind Manchester Attack

6 час назад

US President Donald Trump denounced the perpetrators of Monday night's deadly attack in Manchester as 'evil losers' during a speech in Bethlehem, Tuesday.

Keiser Report: 'Long Live Trump!' (E1074)

7 час назад

Check Keiser Report website for more: http://www.maxkeiser.com/ In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss how the new SALT conference is ...

Violent rallies in Venezuela: Anti-government protesters clash with police

7 час назад

Anti-government protesters clashed with police as they took to the streets of Caracas on Tuesday. The protesters reportedly planned to march to Venezuela's ...

Looking for good deals? Cows stroll into mall in Russia

8 час назад

Customers at a large shopping center in Surgut, Russia were bemused when they saw cows entering the mall on Monday. The footage shows the animals ...

Manchester Arena Explosion: Suicide bomber behind attack, 22 people killed

10 час назад

The explosion at Manchester Arena on Monday was a suicide attack, according to the chief constable of Greater Manchester police, who noted that the ...

'We treat incident as terrorist, until we know otherwise' - Police on explosion at Manchester Arena

13 час назад

Ian Hopkins, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, said on Tuesday police were working with national police and intelligence agencies in their ...

Terrorist attack at Manchester Arena, 19 killed & 50+ injured: RT's special coverage (STREAMED LIVE)

14 час назад

Police are responding to reports of a reported 'explosion' at a pop concert of Ariana Grande in at the Manchester Arena, Sunday. Police have confirmed that their ...

RAW: Police shutdown Manchester city center after 'terrorist incident' during Ariana Grande concert

15 час назад

Police shutdown central Manchester, early Tuesday morning, after a suspected explosion at the Manchester Arena killed 19 and injured 50. The incident is ...

Crowds flee Manchester arena after terrorist attack, at least 19 killed & 50 injured

17 час назад

Mandatory credit: @Zach_bruce Police are responding to reports of a reported 'explosion' at a pop concert of Ariana Grande in at the Manchester Arena, Sunday ...

Russia to miss 2018 Paralympic Winter Games if criteria not met by September - IPC chief

22 час назад

Russia faces missing the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games if the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) does not meet the reinstatement criteria ...

'They want me to fight China. It’s gonna be a massacre!' - Duterte to RT (FULL INTERVIEW)

1 дн назад

The Philippines should have stronger ties with Russia and China, as Western nations are only interested in double talk and disregard Philippines interests, ...

Trump becomes the 1st POTUS to pray at Western Wall in Jerusalem

1 дн назад

US President Donald Trump has landed in Israel, being welcomed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the entire cabinet after the Israeli leader made it ...

Bobsleigh 360: Hitting Sochi tube with panoramic camera

1 дн назад

Panoramic shots from bobsled competition – aka 'Formula-1 on ice' – in Sochi, Russia. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT!

'Preparation for real battles': China holds live-fire parachute drills

1 дн назад

"We can land on the ground faster by opening parachutes four seconds after jumping out of helicopters instead of at the moment of jumping. This method would ...

CrossTalk: Bullhorns Theorizing

1 дн назад

Is the 'Russiagate' story a hoax created by the Deep State and promoted by the liberal mainstream media? On this edition of CrossTalk we attempt to connect ...