War Addiction: Afghans’ opioid production boosted after US invasion

4 час назад

The US war in Afghanistan also appears to be fueling America's opioid crisis. RT's Caleb Maupin has more. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT!

CCTV: Moment police officer kills Surgut knife attacker caught on cam (GRAPHIC)

4 час назад

A CCTV video has emerged online showing what appears to be a suspected knife attacker being chased by an armed policeman in the Siberian city of Surgut.

Army Pro-Nazi Party: Elite German military unit probed over far-right extremist claims

5 час назад

Another branch of the German military is being investigated over far-right activities – this time, an elite unit's accused of giving Nazi salutes and playing neo-Nazi ...

Anti-Skeptic Pill: EU’s €3mn charm offensive to bat off Euroskepticism in Brexit wake

6 час назад

The EU's on a costly charm offensive to tackle Euroskepticism across the bloc. It's spending nearly €3 million on 84 projects. One of which is warning how Brexit ...

Mind Your Language: US debates over political correctness may make some words taboo

6 час назад

Crossing the line from free speech to causing offense has rarely been more-fiercely debated than it is today – especially in the US. In fact, any words with ...

Stressed by Trump: Americans with ‘President Trump stress disorder’ flock to therapists

7 час назад

The rapid rate of resignations and dismissals in the White House is proving to be a boon for therapists, as more and more anxious Americans head for the ...

Mini-Paris in China: Drone buzzes over Eiffel Tower replica in ‘ghost town’ Tianducheng

7 час назад

Drone footage captured an eerily abandoned Paris, which can be found on a luxury real estate development called Tianducheng, in the Hangzhou region of ...

RAW: Motorcyclist plunges into sinkhole in China while fiddling with his phone

8 час назад

A man riding a motorbike crashed into a sinkhole shortly after it appeared on a street in Beihai, China on Thursday. He was looking at his phone before crashing ...

'Who are you? Know your place!': Erdogan attacks German FM in elections interference row

12 час назад

Turkey's president, Recep Erdogan, has hit back at Germany's Foreign Minister with some scathing criticism, after Sigmar Gabriel accused him of interfering in ...

Anti-racism protesters scuffle with supporters of a Confederate monument in Dallas

12 час назад

Dallas police officers trying to subdue a crowd at a cemetery housing a Confederate monument have tried to protect four of the demonstrators by pulling them ...

Torched Confederate flag & witch costumes: Activists protest against 'Free speech' rally in Boston

14 час назад

Thousands of counter-protesters gathered at Boston Common Park to oppose a 'Free Speech' rally on Saturday. Counter-protesters set a Confederate flag on ...

‘Domino effect’: Dozens of vehicles pile up in row after mudflows sweep Crimea town

21 час назад

Dozens of cars were swept away and piled up after massive mudflows caused by heavy rainfall rocked a resort town in Crimea, videos on social media show.

Expansion of Terrorism: Spain & Finland play a minor anti-ISIS role

1 дн назад

There are more and more cases of the same families, sometimes even the same people, being exposed to terrorist attacks in Europe. RT spoke to ...

'Human identity reduced to a computer formula' - Slavoj Zizek on biohacking experiments

1 дн назад

For the very first time, researchers in the US have created a synthetic DNA strand which can be used to hack computers. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to ...

Bannon Banned: Trump fires controversial chief strategist

1 дн назад

US President Donald Trump's chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is leaving the White House after only sixth months in the post. Even before Trump took office, ...

Monumental Issue: Call to remove all slavery-linked US statues, even founding fathers

1 дн назад

Protesters in Washington have poured red paint over the statue of a Confederate military officer, and are demanding that it be taken down. The issue of ...

RAW: Knife attack in Russia, 7 injured, assailant killed by police

1 дн назад

A man armed with a knife has attacked pedestrians in the Russian city of Surgut, injuring seven. Police killed the assailant, the local branch of the Investigative ...

Afghan Impasse: Trump again puts off strategy decision on longest US war

1 дн назад

Frustrated Afghans are growing increasingly uneasy over the US-led military campaign in their country, saying the civilian deaths and destruction are yielding ...

‘Mind Your Own Business’: States targeted by freedom report ask US to manage its own affairs

1 дн назад

The US State Department says numerous countries, including China and Iran, violate religious freedom. That's from an annual report on the issue. But those ...

Finland Stabbing: Deadly attack being investigated as terrorism, suspect 18yo Moroccan

1 дн назад

The fatal stabbing attack that took place in the Finnish city of Turku on Friday is being investigated as a terrorist incident, police confirmed to local media, ...

Keiser Report: Uber Business (E1112)

1 дн назад

Check Keiser Report website for more: http://www.maxkeiser.com/ Max and Stacy discuss subprime auto leases running over Uber. Max continues his interview ...