Protester attempts to take Confederate flag on live TV

3 дн назад

Protester attempts to take Confederate flag on live TV.

Bill Maher enthusiastically argues in favour of pedophilia on 'Politically Incorrect'

3 дн назад

Bill Maher is okay with an adult on child sexual relationship. Lena Dunham actually sexually assaulted her sister. George Takei doesn't think it is wrong for a ...

Milo Yiannopoulos gives statement on pedophilia comments and Breitbart resignation

4 дн назад

Milo responds to carefully orchestrated media smear campaign. Click here to watch Bill Maher arguing in support of pedophilia: ...

SJW Calls Bald Veteran a Nazi "Skinhead" for Having a Disease

2 нед назад

Your typical social justice warrior accuses a bald veteran of being a Nazi skinhead at Milo Yiannopoulos event. It turns out that he acquired alopecia during his ...

Shia LaBeouf arrested at Anti-Trump "He Will Not Divide Us" Protest

1 мес назад

Shia LaBeouf arrested at his anti-Trump art exhibit in New York.

Donald Trump Calls CNN "Fake News" and says Buzzfeed is a "failing pile of garbage"

1 мес назад

Donald Trump refused to answer a question from a CNN reporter during his press conference at Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday.

An Alt Right Cringemas Special

2 мес назад

Some very unfunny people attempt to impersonate Sam Hyde, Milo Yiannopoulos, Martin Shkreli, Pepe, and more... Sad! source: The Special Without Brett ...

CNN says it is ILLEGAL for you to read the leaked Hillary Clinton emails

4 мес назад

It is different for the media. :^)

Most Awkward Debate Intro Ever

1 год назад

Ben Carson doesn't hear his name called and just kind of stands there. GOP ABC News debate.

Jeb Bush: "Please clap"

1 год назад


Rest in peace kid

1 год назад

Get wrecked kid The shooter got banned: https://www.facebook.com/beardegidio/posts/10156407320060176.

Man heroically prevents shooting on train

1 год назад

It was just a prank bro.

Trump's Kawaii Moe Girls

1 год назад

Donald's Trump Kawaii Moe Freedom Girls. ^_____^

Little Girl Crying Because She Can't Vote For Donald Trump

1 год назад

Poor girl, she knows what the future holds if Trump doesn't get elected.

Janice Dickinson: "I Can't Breathe Because of Bill Cosby"

1 год назад

Looks like Caitlyn Jenner cutting the worst wrestling promo in history.

Conversation with a Communist

1 год назад

Hard mode: watch without cringing.