Donald Trump Calls CNN "Fake News" and says Buzzfeed is a "failing pile of garbage"

7 дн назад

Donald Trump refused to answer a question from a CNN reporter during his press conference at Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday.

An Alt Right Cringemas Special

1 нед назад

Some very unfunny people attempt to impersonate Sam Hyde, Milo Yiannopoulos, Martin Shkreli, Pepe, and more... Sad! source: The Special Without Brett ...

CNN says it is ILLEGAL for you to read the leaked Hillary Clinton emails

3 мес назад

It is different for the media. :^)

Most Awkward Debate Intro Ever

11 мес назад

Ben Carson doesn't hear his name called and just kind of stands there. GOP ABC News debate.

Jeb Bush: "Please clap"

11 мес назад


Rest in peace kid

12 мес назад

Get wrecked kid The shooter got banned: https://www.facebook.com/beardegidio/posts/10156407320060176.

Man heroically prevents shooting on train

12 мес назад

It was just a prank bro.

Trump's Kawaii Moe Girls

1 год назад

Donald's Trump Kawaii Moe Freedom Girls. ^_____^

Little Girl Crying Because She Can't Vote For Donald Trump

1 год назад

Poor girl, she knows what the future holds if Trump doesn't get elected.

Janice Dickinson: "I Can't Breathe Because of Bill Cosby"

1 год назад

Looks like Caitlyn Jenner cutting the worst wrestling promo in history.

Conversation with a Communist

1 год назад

Hard mode: watch without cringing.

Lawmaker Accuses Baby of Racism

1 год назад

Democratic lawmaker Vanessa Summers claims Jud McMillin's 18 month old baby fears her because she is black. Babies are getting smarter.

"Magical shape-shifting Jews" responsible for Paris attacks according to some in France

2 год назад

A Daily Beast reporter told MSNBC that she had received that explanation while surveying people about the attacks that left 17 people dead, including four ...

Little Kid says "Fuck Her Right in the Pussy" at San Francisco Giants Parade

2 год назад

Little Kid says "Fuck Her Right in the Pussy" at San Francisco Giants Parade.