Van Jones: Trump Became President, Honoring Ryan 1 of Most Extraordinary Moments in Politics

3 нед назад

Van Jones: Trump Honoring Ryan Owens 'One of the Most Extraordinary Moments' in Political History Following President Donald Trump's address to the joint ...

CPAC 2017: Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus (Full, live stream)

4 нед назад

The Opposition Party is 'Always Wrong': Steve Bannon Slams the Media During CPAC Panel. Bannon: 'The Mainstream Media Better Understand' That All of ...

‘You Are Using Fake News Arguments!’: CNN Panel on Trump, Anti-Semitism Goes Off the Rails

1 мес назад

Kayleigh McEnany and Steven Goldstein Battle CNN VIDEO. Steven Goldstein, the executive director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, got into a ...

Trump Rally Speaker Gene Huber Scolds CNN Pamela Brown: ‘Trump Taught Me Everything’

1 мес назад

Trump Rally Speaker Gene Huber Scolds CNN Anchor After Telling Her 'Trump Taught Me Everything' In perhaps the oddest moment of Trump's rally in ...

CNN’s Don Lemon Abruptly Ends Segment After Panelist’s ‘Fake News’ Complaints

1 мес назад

CNN's Don Lemon abruptly ended a panel segment late last night on CNN Tonight after one of the panelists continued to express his objections to “fake news” ...

FULL: President Trump Press Conference 2/16/2017 [live stream]

1 мес назад

President Trump News Conference President Trump holds a news conference at the White House to name his new nominee to be Labor secretary following ...

Fareed Zakaria Calls Out Trump’s ‘Embarrassing’ Appearance With Netanyahu ‘Bizarre and Irresponsible

1 мес назад

The host of CNN's GPS did not hesitate to call out President Donald Trump's strange joint news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for ...

WATCH: Deputies Fighting In Front of Inmates at Kentucky Detention Center [video]

1 мес назад

A fight between a sheriff's deputy and a deputy jailer broke out in front of inmates at detention center in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The brawl, which happened last ...

FULL: President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu News Conference 2/15/2017 [live stream]

1 мес назад

U.S.-Israel Relations President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hold a joint press conference at the White House.

‘Don’t Tell Me to Stop!’ Ana Navarro Fights with Trump Supporter in Heated CNN Exchange

1 мес назад

In a panel discussion this afternoon on CNN, CNN political commentator Ana Navarro got into a combative exchange with Donald Trump supporter Matt Schlapp ...

Sean Spicer Press Conference over Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Adviser, 2/14/17

1 мес назад

White House Briefing Spokesman Sean Spicer briefs reporters and responds to their questions on a variety of topics, including National Security Adviser Michael ...

'Lighting Rod' Kellyanne Conway Reacts to Michael Flynn's Resignation

1 мес назад

Conway: Flynn resigned because he'd become 'a lightning rod' 'I Don't Know All the Details': Kellyanne Conway Can't Recite Basic Facts of Flynn Resignation ...

CNN Anchor Battles Kris Kobach Over Trump’s Voter Fraud Claim: ‘Do You Have the Evidence?’

1 мес назад

'Do You Have the Evidence' Kate Bolduan Battles Kris Kobach Over Trump's Voter Fraud Claim. During an interview on CNN today, Kansas Secretary of State ...

FULL: President Trump Speech at Major Cities Police Chiefs Association Winter Conference [live]

1 мес назад

President Donald Trump speaks at 2017 MCCA Winter Conference.

Bernie Sanders Gets Away with Tough Obamacare Question during CNN Debate with Ted Cruz

1 мес назад

Question: Why should my family be forced to pay all this money for Obamacare if I can't use it?

WATCH: President Obama Kite-Surfing Beats Richard Branson on British Virgin Islands Caribbean [video

1 мес назад

CNN Chris Cuomo: 'Part of him is dying inside' Richard Branson challenged Obama to a kitesurfing contest. Former President Barack Obama unwound from ...

CNN Jake Tapper: Trump Will Call Everything He Dislikes ‘Not Legitimate’ or ‘Fake,’ Except Putin

2 мес назад

At the beginning of this afternoon's broadcast of CNN's The Lead, host Jake Tapper went off on recent tweets and comments made by President Donald Trump.

CNN Anchor To Democratic Rep: You Need ‘To Find Evidence’ Before Using ‘Huge Word’ Like Impeachment

2 мес назад

Brooke Baldwin To Maxine Waters You Need 'To Find Evidence' Before Using 'Huge Word' Like Impeachmen. Last week, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) stated ...

FULL: President Trump Speech at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida (2/6/2017 live stream)

2 мес назад

President Trump Remarks at MacDill Air Force Base President Trump delivers remarks to coalition members and senior U.S. commanders at MacDill Air Force ...

BREAKING: Federal Judge Blocks President Trump Travel Ban Nationwide & White House Statement

2 мес назад

(At 5:43) Federal Judge Stays Trump Travel Order, But Many Visas Already Revoked. A federal judge in Seattle has issued a nationwide temporary stay against ...

Carol Costello Gets Emotional as CNN Plays Farewell Video During Her Final Broadcast

2 мес назад

Earlier this week, CNN anchor Carol Costello dropped a bit of a bombshell when she announced on air that she this week would be her last at CNN, as she's ...