The Doctors

Is Being Lonely a Silent Killer?

13 мин назад

Professor of Geriatric Medicine Dr. Kerry Burnight joins The Doctors to discuss a new report that found loneliness can be as deadly as excessive smoking.

Physical Therapy for Your Pelvic Floor?

12 мин назад

The Doctors discuss the importance of pelvic floor exercises and how to avoid pelvic floor disorders. Subscribe to The Doctors: http://bit.ly/SubscribeTheDrs LIKE ...

Exclusive: Ryan's Fight for Survival after 1500 Foot Fall!

12 мин назад

Ryan reveals how he survived after his harrowing fall and how he feared he was not going to make it. Subscribe to The Doctors: http://bit.ly/SubscribeTheDrs ...

Heimlich Maneuver Saves Student’s Life!

14 мин назад

See the amazing footage of a student saving another student from choking. Plus, The Doctors discuss the importance of being prepared for a choking ...

The Doctors’ Summer Special; Simple Summer Recipes; The Power Of Pineapple; Health Secrets Of The…

8 час назад

The Doctors investigate restaurant fish fraud! What you need to know before you order sushi again! Is marijuana a gateway drug? A military mom turns to The ...

Runner Shares How She Fought off Attacker!

1 дн назад

While on a run, Kelly bravely fought off the man who assaulted her and kept him from escaping justice. She joins The Doctors to recount her amazing story.

Is Town’s Pink Water Safe?

1 дн назад

Following the news of a Canadian town's water turning pink – from potassium permanganate – The Doctors welcome the Water Quality Association's Executive ...

Wedding Surprises for Engaged Couple Including a Message from Country Duo Dan + Shay

1 дн назад

After sharing their amazing engagement story with The Doctors, Jamacio and Kayla are treated to a slew of amazing gifts to help with their upcoming wedding.

Help for Woman Who Never Lost Her Baby Teeth

1 дн назад

With the help of cosmetic dentist Dr. Joseph Goodman, Tyrica will soon have a whole new reason to show off her smile. Subscribe to The Doctors: ...

The Average Public Pool Contains 20 Gallons of Urine!

1 дн назад

According to research, public pools have a whopping 20 gallons of urine in them! But is this something you should be concerned about before taking a dip?

How to Be a ‘FAB’ Mom!

1 дн назад

Parenting and lifestyle expert Jill Simonian from CBS Los Angeles joins The Doctors to share how to be a FAB (Focused After Baby) mom. Plus, she shares tips ...

Man Proposes to Girlfriend after Surviving Horrific Car Accident

1 дн назад

Jamacio was involved in a terrible accident, but his trip to the emergency room did not stop him from asking Kayla to marry him. The happy couple joins The ...

New Technology Being Developed to Predict Falling in Seniors

1 дн назад

New tech is in the works that could help the elderly from falling. The Doctors discuss this exciting possible breakthrough. Subscribe to The Doctors: ...

Woman Who Never Lost Her Baby Teeth

1 дн назад

Tyrica has been bullied and teased because she never lost her baby teeth. After her friend Pat contacted The Doctors, she bravely comes forward and opens up ...

Drs. Rx: The Diet That Could Cut Breast Cancer Risk

1 дн назад

The Doctors discuss the research that found The Mediterranean Diet – lean meats, plant-based proteins, whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables – can count ...

Where You Store Food in Your Refrigerator Matters

1 дн назад

Do you store your milk in your refrigerator door? The Doctors share tips on where to keep certain food items in your refrigerator. Subscribe to The Doctors: ...

Drs’ Exclusive: Man Survives 2,000 Foot Fall; Medication Cost Controversy; Student Saves Friend F…

1 дн назад

WEDNESDAY, MAY 24: In a Drs' Exclusive, a young man falls 2000+ feet and survives days in a blizzard…how did he do it?! Are you paying different prices for ...

Woman Burned with Acid By Ex-Boyfriend Returns Transformed

2 дн назад

After Christy's ex-boyfriend doused her face with acid, The Doctors brought in para-medical micro pigment specialist Basma Hameed to help transform her.

Mistake at Daycare Leads to Missing Child

2 дн назад

A pick-up mistake leads to a Florida mother's child being taken from a daycare by the wrong person. Find out how the daycare responded to the incident.

Elizabeth Says She Is Ready to Finally Stop Drinking

2 дн назад

Addiction Medicine Specialist Dr. Damon Raskin from Cliffside Malibu joins the show to offer Elizabeth the treatment she's been seeking for her issues with ...

Mom Struggling with Alcoholism Fears Losing Her Family & Her Life

2 дн назад

The Doctors welcome psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow who offers Elizabeth and her family guidance as she faces struggles related to her alcohol use, including an ...