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Trump promotes 'Iran funding ISIS' canard in Saudi Arabia & Israel

16 час назад

President Donald Trump's first foreign visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel has focused on combatting ISIS and extremism, which is allegedly manufactured by Iran.

Rotten tomatoes? Conservative critics don't mind Trump's low ratings

16 час назад

President Donald Trump's approval rating has slipped, but have his defenders? Right-wingers are loving his Supreme Court pick, tax-cut proposal and budget ...

Trump's budget proposal expected to gut Medicaid

16 час назад

President Trump's budget proposal is expected to be revealed tomorrow, but many close to its planning are indicating there could be as much as $800 billion in ...

Manchester concert explosion: What we know

16 час назад

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed a “number of fatalities” and injuries following a "serious incident" at an arena where an Ariana Grande concert was ...

Israeli ministers tried to snub Trump

18 час назад

It's been all smiles for the cameras amid President Donald Trump's arrival in Israel, but it appears that his arrival has stirred tensions in the Israeli government.

Trump brought extra bullet-proof glass to Israel for hotel window

18 час назад

Extreme security was put in place in Jerusalem before US President Donald Trump's arrival during his first official trip abroad. For the "historic" two-day visit, ...

‘Beautiful to see’ next-gen missile ‘we made ourselves’ – North Korean citizen

19 час назад

North Korea fired a missile on Sunday that traveled about 310 miles before diving into the Sea of Japan. It is reportedly more stable and sophisticated than ...

‘Trump competed with Clinton to be most anti-Palestinian candidate’ – journalist

19 час назад

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump seemed completely supportive of Israel's agenda of settlements and the complete displacement of Palestinians ...

Saudi arms deal ‘basically a bribe to the US’ – Fmr Pentagon Official

19 час назад

Critics of President Donald Trump's massive new arms deal with Saudi Arabia, announced during his visit there, point out that the policy is a complete reversal of ...

FBI investigations into White House are the norm

20 час назад

The Resident takes a look at the long history of the FBI's penchant for investigating the White House. Follow The Resident at http://www.twitter.com/TheResident ...

Trouble for the Trumps?: Melania swats away Donald's hand

21 час назад

First Lady Melania Trump appeared to swat away her husband, US President Donald Trump's hand as they walked across the tarmac after touching down in Tel ...

Fed-Ex Forced to Pay for Deceiving Its Drivers

2 дн назад

America's Lawyer wraps up the show by highlighting class-action settlement victories by delivery drivers against Fed-Ex for garnished wages and ...

Louisiana Parish Caught Issuing Fake Subpoenas to Pressure Citizens into Talking

2 дн назад

Mike Papantonio is joined by Mollye Barrows, Legal Journalist with the Trial Lawyer Magazine, to discuss why a parish in Louisiana was issuing fake subpoenas ...

On Contact: Memories Lost with Author Russell Banks

2 дн назад

On this week's episode of On Contact, Chris Hedges is joined by Russell Banks, author of "Cloudsplitter", "The Sweet Hereafter" and "Lost Memory of Skin".

Dow Chemical Pressures Trump Administration to Cover Up Pesticide Dangers

3 дн назад

Mike talks to Stephanie Parent, Senior Attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity about how Dow Chemical is putting pressure on the Trump Administration to ...

This Company Knowingly Sold Guns with a Fatal Defect

3 дн назад

Mike Papantonio discusses a dangerous defect in the Remington 700 rifle and speaks with Arthur Bryant, Chairman of Public Justice about the details of the ...

RT EXCLUSIVE: ‘Korea will be changed to America’ – S. Korean actress

4 дн назад

Box office sales in Asia have officially topped North America's. South Korea is enjoying something of a golden age as their cinema enjoys more and more global ...

7-year-old student handcuffed & tased in Texas

4 дн назад

The family of a student with special needs in Texas is accusing a school district of using extreme force on their son, including using handcuffs and a taser on the ...

‘Collusion with a foreign theocracy’: Trump’s Saudi connection

4 дн назад

President Donald Trump is heading out on his first foreign trip, starting in Saudi Arabia. Author and investigative journalist Max Blumenthal tells RT America's ...

92% of CNN's programming dedicated to Trump-bashing

4 дн назад

A team of analysts from Newsbusters.org studied a 20-hour period of programming on CNN (from 4am until 11pm on Friday, May 12, 2017). They discovered ...

US needs to be ‘as bold as South Africa’ in engaging race – HBCU professor

4 дн назад

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a white female police officer who was acquitted in the shooting death of an unarmed black man will be allowed to return to duty. She was ...