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OSCE seeks to expand intl. mission as Ukraine conflict persists

12 мин назад

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is seeking to increase the access of the international monitoring mission to the conflict zone in eastern ...

News in Brief -- January 18th -- 12:30 GMT

43 мин назад

1) Iraqi Special Forces have made fresh gains against Daesh terrorists in eastern Mosul. 2) Iran says it's adamantly opposed to the US participation in the ...

NATO involved ‘in illegal wars’ in Syria, elsewhere: Analyst

1 час назад

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has become too large and has been involved in “illegal wars” in the Middle East and elsewhere, a former ...

Pakistan, Afghan ties worsen after recent attacks

2 час назад

Relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan have been tense for months. But ties between the two neighbors have hit a new low after recent terrorist attacks in ...

Russian aircraft unit prepares to depart Syria

2 час назад

An aircraft wing consisting of Su-24 jets and the personnel of special task medical detachments prepared to leave Hmeymim airbase in Latakia, on Tuesday, ...

“US not to have any role in Astana talks”

2 час назад

The secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council says the U-S will NOT have any role in the process of the upcoming Syria peace talks in Kazakhstan.

18 Palestinians injured in Qalandiya camp attack

3 час назад

Israeli troops have killed at least one Palestinian in an attack on a village in the southern Negev region. Reports say four others, including a member of the ...

EU removes 3 Iranian firms from sanctions list

3 час назад

The European Union has removed three more Iranian companies, including a major oil industry subsidiary, from its sanctions list. Lifting of the bans was ...

Xi: China willing to help resolve Ukraine crisis

4 час назад

Chinese President Xi Jinping says Beijing is willing to play a constructive role in seeking a political solution to Ukraine's crisis. The Chinese president has made ...

"May's plans damage whole UK economically"

5 час назад

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has slammed the British Prime Minister's plans for leaving the European Union. Nicola Sturgeon said that Theresa May ...

"Iran supports intra-Syrian political dialog"

6 час назад

President Hassan Rouhani says Iran supports any political dialog that would resolve the conflict in Syria. Speaking in a press conference in Tehran, Hassan ...

Protesters condemn Bahraini regime crackdown

7 час назад

Bahraini forces have clashed with people protesting against the execution of three anti-regime activists. Regime forces used tear gas to disperse the protesters ...

Syrian govt. opposition name delegation chiefs

7 час назад

The Syrian government and the opposition have named their delegation heads for upcoming peace talks in the Kazakh capital Astana. Syria's ambassador to ...

Syrian army advances in strategic region near Damascus

8 час назад

The Syrian army has made major gains against foreign-backed terrorists in Ain al-Fijeh town near the capital Damascus. The militants' control over the town, ...

UN: Israeli annexations risk peace prospects

8 час назад

The United Nations warns that attempts by Israel to annex Palestinian land following last month's anti-settlement vote at the Security Council will destroy ...

News in Brief -- January 18th -- 03:30 GMT

9 час назад

Bahraini forces have clashed with anti-regime protesters in several regions including Bilad al-Qadim and Sitra Island. Syria's UN ambassador Bashar al-Ja'afari ...

Iran backs initiatives meeting Syrians' demands

11 час назад

The Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council says continuing the fight against terrorists and pursuing the path of a Syrian-Syrian dialogue ...

Putin denies report Russia spied on Trump

11 час назад

Putin said Trump was not any kind of political figure when he traveled to Moscow and that the Russian special services had no reason to chase him. Last week ...

Syrian government, opposition name delegation chiefs

12 час назад

Syria's ambassador to the United Nations Bashar al-Ja'afari will lead the negotiating team from Damascus. The government delegation will also include figures ...

Rouhani: Iran supports intra-Syrian political dialog

12 час назад

Speaking in a press conference in Tehran, Hassan Rouhani expressed hope that the Astana talks would turn into a stepping stone to resolve the Syrian crisis.

West African states mulling military intervention

13 час назад

A Nigerian military source says Abuja and other regional states have agreed to take the step if Yahya Jammeh stays in power after the end of his tenure ...