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News in Brief -- April 23rd -- 10:30 GMT

25 мин назад

1. People in France are casting their ballots in the country's presidential election. 2. At least three Syrian troops have been killed following an Israeli attack on an ...

Fitch downgrades Italy by One Notch to BBB

2 час назад

Rating institution Fitch has downgraded Italy's sovereign debt from Triple B-plus to Triple B. The agency has cited the country's political instability, huge public ...

Gazans protest in solidarity with hunger strikers

2 час назад

Hundreds of Palestinians have set up tents in the center of the Gaza Strip to express solidarity with the hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

A Simple Question - US Syria attack

3 час назад

Donald Trump authorized the launching of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the sovereign Syrian state without UN Security Council or without Congressional ...

Voting underway in French presidential election

3 час назад

French voters are heading to the polling booths to cast their ballots in the first round of the presidential election. Some 47 million French nationals are eligible to ...

Falling for MKO turns out badly for US every time: Iran official

5 час назад

Iran has urged the U-S not to fall for misleading fabrications engineered by terrorists and their supporters. Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said ...

Assad: Whenever army make gains, US interfere in favor of terrorists

6 час назад

The Syrian president says western countries led by the US interfere in favor of terrorists whenever the Syrian army makes significant advance. Bashar al-Assad ...

People mark earth day with rallies worldwide

8 час назад

People all around the world are marking Earth Day with demonstrations, demanding action on global warming. In the US city of Washington DC, scientists got ...

"North Korea ready to launch full-scale nuclear war against US"

8 час назад

North Korea has once again repeated its pledge to launch a full-scale war with nuclear weapons against the US if Washington's threatening policies are not ...

News in Brief -- April 23rd -- 02:30 GMT

9 час назад

1. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has accused the US and its western allies of supporting anti-Damascus terrorists whenever they suffer defeats by the army.

Scuffles erupt between police, dentist activists in Germany

10 час назад

German police have clashed with leftist activists protesting the gathering of a far-right anti-refugee party in the western city of Cologne. The scuffles broke out ...

Turkey: No judicial parth to reverse results

10 час назад

Turkey's justice minister says there is no judicial path to reverse the constitutional referendum results on expanding presidential powers after the main opposition ...

140, dozens injured in Talban assault

10 час назад

At least 140 Afghan soldiers have been killed and many others wounded in a Taliban attack on an army base in the country's north. Fighting lasted for several ...

French overseas territories start voting

11 час назад

French overseas territories have kicked off the presidential voting a day ahead of the mainland. Voters in France's outposts, including Guiana and Martinique in ...

News in Brief -- April 22nd -- 20:30 GMT

13 час назад

Thousands of Americans march in Washington D-C, and Chicago deploring President Donald Trump's cuts to federal science programs including the climate ...

Iran equips IRGC Navy with new anti-ship cruise missiles

18 час назад

Iran's Defense Ministry has delivered a large shipment of Nasir anti-ship cruise missiles to the Navy wing of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps. The missile was ...

Death toll from Taliban attack on Afghan military base rises to 140

21 час назад

The death toll from a massive Taliban attack on an Afghan military base rises to 140. Watch Live: http://www.presstv.com/live.html Twitter: ...

Israeli forces attack Palestinian protesters

22 час назад

Israeli forces attack Palestinians rallying in solidarity with hunger-striking prisoners with stun grenades and tear gas. Watch Live: http://www.presstv.com/live.html ...

4th consecutive night of rally held in Istanbul

23 час назад

Another night of protests against the result of Turkey's last week referendum, which will grant new powers to President Erdogan. Watch Live: ...

Warring sides in Syria prefer own interests to civilians

24 час назад

A UN panel expresses grave concern about the safety of thousands of Syrian evacuees surrounded by radicalized militant groups. - Press TV's interview with ...

UN panel raises alarm over civilians' safety in Syria

1 дн назад

A United Nations Panel has warned that thousands of evacuees sent to government-controlled and militant-held areas in Syria are likely to be caught in growing ...