Rare Black Moon Could Mean The End Of The World

19 час назад

A solar eclipse will happen where we will see the black moon. It is said that this is sign the world is going to end in five days. ----------------------------------------...

Tessa Brooks Adult Film Tape Leaked?

2 дн назад

YouTuber Tessa Brooks had her accounts hacked. There is also an apparent adult video tape leaked online. This video was only on her channel for about a min ...

Chinese Woman Mailed Her Baby To An Orphanage

3 дн назад

A mother in China tried to send her baby to an orphanage by mail. The baby is in stable condition at a hospital and the police are currently investigating.

Costco CAUGHT Selling Fake Tiffany Rings, Taylor Swift Wins Lawsuit

4 дн назад

Costco is going to pay millions ever since they have been caught selling fake Tiffany engagement rings. The company owes more then $19 million for these ...

Diet Drinks Actually Make You Fatter, Taylor Swift Lawsuit Update - #AssaultLawsuit

5 дн назад

Studies have shown that if you drink any of the diet sodas, it actually makes you fatter which causes obesity. The study comes from Yale University, where the ...

North Korea Missile Threats To America Is A HOAX, Donald Trump Charlottesville UPDATE

6 дн назад

An atomic expert claims that North Korea's nuclear missiles are fake. But the threat of wars is still implied putting President Donald Trump ready and willing to ...

The US Is Preparing For A Nuclear Attack From North Korea

1 нед назад

US is preparing for a possible nuclear attack from North Korea ever since they have been launching tests into the air. Hawaii is the first state that is starting to ...

Cash Me Outside Girl Nudes Leaked Online

1 нед назад

Danielle Bregoli is known for her outrage behavior on Dr. Phil. Now there are apparently "Leaked Nudes" of her surfacing. These photos would be illegal ...

Netflix Is Slowly Shutting Down - #DisneyTakeOver

1 нед назад

Disney has announced that they will be pulling out from Netfix when their contract ends in 2019. The reason is because they want to start their own streaming ...

8 Yr Old Girl Passes Away After Doing The Hot Water Challenge

2 нед назад

A tragic story of an young girls who injured herself while doing the hot water challenge. This challenge involves drinking boiling hot water through a straw.

Danielle Bregoli Sentenced To 5 Yrs – Cash Me Outside

2 нед назад

The Cash me Ousside girl Danielle Bregoli has been sentenced to 5 years of probation for the crimes she has done before her fame. She has done two counts of ...

New Born Baby Pregnant With His Brother

3 нед назад

Doctors in Mumbra, near Mumbai, have discovered that the new baby that was born, had his twin brother inside in. They successfully removed the twin from the ...

Justin Bieber Runs Over A Man With His Truck – CAUGHT On CAMERA

3 нед назад

Justin Bieber was trying to get away from paparazzi when he accidentally hit a photographer with his car. Justin stayed with the photographer and helped him ...

North Korea Launches New Missile As Kim Jong Un Threatens All Out War

3 нед назад

North Korea has fired a ballistic missile at Japan warning the United States is in firing range of its weapons– with the US and South Korea in return launching ...

Teen Falls 30ft Off Of Rollercoaster

3 нед назад

Teenager at on Ohio State Fair was killed after being thrown off a rollercoaster. Top 10 Gaming Channel: http://bit.ly/2qX05Jq -----------------------------------------...

Justin Bieber Caught Hitting A Photographer With His Truck

3 нед назад

A video as gone viral of Justine Bieber hitting a photographer with his car by accident. Justin stayed at the scene and cooperated with the police. Top 10 Gaming ...

Donald Trump Is Banning Transgender People From The Military

4 нед назад

President Donald Trump has recently stated publicly that he is banning all transgendered people from joining the US Army because of high costs in medical care ...

PewDiePie Exposes Jake Paul- Might Go To Jail

4 нед назад

PewDiePie recently uploaded a video on his channel where he exposes Jake Paul clamming that he might go to jail because of all the crazy things that have ...

Justin Bieber Is Banned From China

4 нед назад

China has recently banned Justin Bieber from entering China because of his bad behavior. Fans in China are disappointed that they don't get to see the idol ...


4 нед назад

A photos has gone viral of Jake Paul getting arrested. Many people took to social media and thought that this was real. However, the photo was taken from a ...

Was Kevin Hart Caught Cheating On His Pregnant Wife?

1 мес назад

A video has gone viral of Kevin Hart in a Lexus car snuggling with another woman. There was a point in the video where he went to the back seat of the car with ...