Donald Trump Inauguration Speech - An End To Radical Islam

55 мин назад

Donald Trump is officially the President of the United States. He gave his Inauguration speech and here are some of the things he's mentioned. STORY LINK: ...

Is This The Weirdest Music Video On Youtube?

23 час назад

Even though this music video was posted in June of 2016, the video is still being widely talked about to this date. The group is called Little Big with the video ...

Man Caught Throwing Puppies Into River

2 дн назад

A video has gone viral of a man who kicked fake puppies and throws them in a river. The video is a fake and is actually a social experiment to see if anyone ...

Are These Women Beautiful?

3 дн назад

Photographer Emily Lauren took pictures of an average woman for her new book. Her whole message to women is to be happy with yourself and that women ...

Donald Trump Cheated On Wife With 30 Yr Old Model Apparently

4 дн назад

Kata Sarka, 30 was once crowned Miss Hungary, says that Donald Trump took her into his hotel room in Moscow back in 2013. Apparently Kata brushed him off ...

10 Crimes That Shocked The World

5 дн назад

10 Crimes That Shocked The World. These crimes were widely talked about in the past that even to this day, people still remember them. So here is the list of the ...

Demon Possessed Doll Blinks And Nods Her Head- Caught on Camera

7 дн назад

There is a creepy home security footage going around the internet, where you see a little girl playing with her dolls. Then in the corner of the footage, you see a ...

12 Yr Old Girl Ends Her Life On Facebook Live Stream

1 нед назад

12 Yr Old Girl Ends Her Life On Facebook Live Stream. Katelyn Nicole Davis unfortunately decided to do this after she suffered from a very traumatic event.

Asteroid Almost Destroyed Earth Just Days Ago

1 нед назад

This asteroid called 2017 AG13, nearly hit earth a few days ago. University of Arizona's Catalina Sky Survey. This asteroid was between 50 to 111 feet long ...

Baby Born As A Male And A Female – SHOCKING

1 нед назад

A woman gave birth to a baby which happens to have four legs and separate body parts. Sulekha Mori and her husband Pratap Mori were in shock after they ...

Mariah Carey Quits Social Media After Embarrassment

2 нед назад

Ever since the New Years Eve celebrations, Mariah Carey decidided that she is going to quit social media for a bit to concentrate more on her upcoming tour.

10 Inappropriate Things In Disney Movies - Part 3

2 нед назад

Most people of all ages enjoy watching Disney movies. However, there are points made in some films that it can be hard to miss. This is why we decided to give ...

10 Worst Diets You Should Never Try

2 нед назад

10 Worst Diets You Should Never Try While many fad diets are criticized by weight loss experts, the diets listed here aren't just unhealthy – they're dangerous.

A Zombie Outbreak Could Wipeout Humanity In 3 Months

2 нед назад

For those who fear the end is nigh it appears that a Zombie apocalypse may be just on the horizon in less time than people think. ----------------------------------------...

5 Year Old Kid Makes Millions A Month On YouTube

2 нед назад

Ryan is your average five-year-old. He likes playing with toy cars, riding tricycles, and going down water slides. His mom, like most parents, loves to capture and ...

Incredible 2 Year Old Saves His Twin Brother

2 нед назад

There is video footage of two year old Bowdy Shoff saving his twin brother Brock from a fallen dresser. In the footage, you can see Bowdy pushing the dresser off ...

Woman Tries To Smuggle Teenager Into Spain

2 нед назад

A 22 year old Moroccan woman was trying to smuggle a 19 year old by putting him into her suitcase to try and cross the boarder into Spain from Morocco via ...

10 Scariest Things Found On The Internet

3 нед назад

Top 10 Scariest Things Found On The Internet As we all know, the internet is gigantic; almost any search you type into Google will get at least five pages of ...

Identical Twins Plan On Marrying Their Shared Boyfriend

3 нед назад

Identical Twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque, want to marry the same man, Ben Byrne. The twins made a video and posted it on YouTube, asking for help if anyone ...

10 Strangest Holes On Earth

3 нед назад

Our planet earth has many interesting and weird things that are hard to explain sometimes. So about out planet earth, we will be giving you the Top 10 Strangest ...

10 Disgusting Foods People Actually Eat

3 нед назад

There are parts in the world that eat some of the most disgusting kinds of food out there, that it'y hard to believe people put them in their mouths and enjoy the ...