Everything Wrong With Trolls In 18 Minutes Or Less

4 дн назад

Start snacking and save 50% on your first order at http://naturebox.com/cinemasins. Here's a movie I could have done without. We all could have done without it, ...

Everything Wrong With The Accountant In 16 Minutes Or Less

6 дн назад

If you cross Good Will Hunting with the Bourne movies, you'd probably get something cool, but these people came up with The Accountant. A movie that is right ...

Everything Wrong With The Magnificent Seven In 18 Minutes or Less

2 нед назад

2016's Magnificent Seven was a remake of a remake, so... I think everyone expected it to have sins, right? Next week: Action sins (again) and cartoon sins.

Everything Wrong With Jason Bourne In 17 Minutes Or Less

2 нед назад

Jason Bourne brought back Matt Damon & Paul Greengrass for the franchise in what should have been a no-brainer. Instead we get a strange retread movie that ...

Everything Wrong With John Wick In 12 Minutes Or Less

3 нед назад

The original John Wick was a surprise hit with stylish visuals and a high body count. With the sequel on the way soon, we decided to go looking through the first ...

Everything Wrong With The Lego Movie

3 нед назад

Get 50% off your first NatureBox order at http://naturebox.com/cinemasins Everything is awesome! Including this sins video of The LEGO movie... we hope.

Everything Wrong With The Ring 2 In 18 Minutes Or Less

4 нед назад

Several years after the very-good The Ring, already an American remake of a foreign film, they released The Ring 2. It's terrible. I have no qualms saying that.

Everything Wrong With Don't Breathe In 15 Minutes Or Less

4 нед назад

THIS MOVIE IS DISTURBING AND GROSS! Many consider Don't Breathe a great horror flick, you might as well, but it still has sins... and is still disturbing and ...

Everything Wrong With The Secret Life of Pets

1 мес назад

Here is a movie that wants so very hard to be a good movie. It's not, but it wishes it was. Instead it's just... ugh. Next week: Recent horror sins and ...

Everything Wrong With Resident Evil: Extinction

1 мес назад

These freakin' movies never stop. Somehow, Resident Evil: Extinction is only the third one!! Sinful as hell, of course, but you didn't need us to tell you that, right?

Everything Wrong With xXx: State of the Union

1 мес назад

Yes, they made a sequel to this crap. Yes, they swapped out the main actor and made a bunch of jokes about it in the movie itself. And because there's somehow ...

Jurassic Park - Movie Recipes

1 мес назад

In this episode of Movie Recipes, we head to Five Church in Atlanta, GA to see their take on a dish based around the Cretaceous classic, Jurassic Park. Thanks ...

Everything Wrong With xXx In 17 Minutes Or Less

1 мес назад

The xXx movies are pretty stupid, but apparently have a following enough to justify a third one coming soon to theaters. Before you see that... remind yourself ...

Everything Wrong With Alice Through The Looking Glass

2 мес назад

Well, here's a movie that royally pissed me off. Alice Through The Looking Glass. I don't think I've been this mad at a movie since we sinned the original Pete's ...

Movie Recipes - Sixteen Candles

2 мес назад

In this episode of Movie Recipes, we head to Sticky Fingers in Washington D.C. to see their take on a dish based around the 80s classic, Sixteen Candles.

Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad In 20 Minutes Or Less

2 мес назад

Well, here's an absolute travesty of a movie, from start to finish. Suicide Squad has so many sins, I considered quitting. This movie is just... bad. And here are its ...

Everything Wrong With Underworld Awakening In 15 Minutes Or Less

2 мес назад

And they just keep on coming. Underworld movies are like cockroaches; where you see one... there are guaranteed to be hundreds lurking in the shadows.

Movie Recipes - Scarface

2 мес назад

In this episode of Movie Recipes, we head to Del Campo in Washington D.C. to see their take on a dish based around Scarface. Thanks again to Victor Albisu ...

Everything Wrong With Underworld Rise Of The Lycans

2 мес назад

The franchise that refuses to die releases a new, 5th movie soon in theaters. So we thought we'd torture ourselves by watching the 3rd movie in the series and ...

Everything Wrong With Die Hard 2 In 19 Minutes Or Less

2 мес назад

Die Hard 2. Nowhere near as good as the first one, but still somehow weirdly enjoyable, despite its laziness. Sins out the ass, though. Next week: A pair of ...

Everything Wrong With Deadpool In 16 Minutes Or Less

2 мес назад

Get started snacking with NatureBox: http://naturebox.com/cinemasins. Deadpool. Yeah, he kind of sins the movie himself, but that wasn't going to stop us from ...