Why We Should Go Back to the Moon

12 мес назад

45 years to the day after the final Apollo moon landing, President Donald Trump signed a directive tasking NASA with returning to the moon. This, was a change ...

What Is Europe Doing in Space?

1 год назад

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The Nazi Who Started the Space Race

1 год назад

If you enjoy our videos, please consider helping us out over at https://www.patreon.com/athenaism The story of a man who went from building nazi terror ...

What To Do If Your Rocket Fails

1 год назад

The time between ignition and final stage separation is the most dangerous part of a spaceflight. Surely there would be systems in place to save the crew in the ...

The Greatest Astronaut You've Never Heard Of

1 год назад

He is the most traveled space-traveler of all time, yet you probably haven't even heard of him. Rest in peace our hero John W. Young 2018/01/07 If you enjoyed ...

How the Cold War Was Won

2 год назад

If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like! After 45 years of tensions, the Soviet Union and the communist bloc faded away while the US remained as the ...

Why Is John F. Kennedy so Popular?

2 год назад

John F. Kennedy is one of the most popular US presidents. Was he as good as people remember him being? What exactly is it that makes him so popular?