State Department data shows drop in refugees

7 час назад

Refugee arrivals in the U.S. have dropped by almost half since President Trump took office — but it's not that simple. Learn more about this story at ...

UK might give guns to more police officers

8 час назад

Police chiefs in Great Britain will discuss arming more of their officers in response to a string of recent terrorist attacks. Learn more about this story at ...

Hackers target U.K. Parliament

8 час назад

The attempted hack came the same week a British newspaper reported Russian hackers had traded officials' passwords online. Learn more about this story at ...

SeaWorld investigated for 'Blackfish' response

10 час назад

Two government agencies have subpoenaed SeaWorld officials about how they responded to the fallout from the "Blackfish" documentary. Learn more about ...

Qatar receives list of demands to end sanctions

11 час назад

Qatar is reviewing a list of demands from four nations that have imposed sanctions against it — but the country says the demands aren't fair. Learn more about ...

Jane Sanders investigated for possible fraud

11 час назад

Officials are looking into accusations that in 2010, Jane Sanders misrepresented donor numbers to get a loan for the now-closed Burlington College. Learn more ...

California adds states to travel blacklist

12 час назад

California will no longer pay for its employees to travel to eight different states with laws it says discriminate against LGBTQ people. Learn more about this story ...

Rep. Steve Scalise transferred out of ICU

1 дн назад

Scalise and Matt Mika, the other victim still hospitalized after the June 14 Republican congressional baseball practice shooting, are making progress.

Military may delay policy on transgender troops

1 дн назад

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is reportedly considering delaying an Obama-era policy that would allow some transgender people to enlist. Learn more about this ...

Theory of evolution banned in Turkish schools

1 дн назад

A Turkish education official says the country is banning evolution curriculum because it's "controversial." Learn more about this story at www.newsy.com/70104/ ...

Trump taps fundraisers for ambassadorships

1 дн назад

Robert Wood "Woody" Johnson IV and Jamie McCourt could be our next ambassadors to the United Kingdom and Belgium, respectively. Learn more about this ...

Hollywood Walk of Fame announces 34 new stars

1 дн назад

The Hollywood Walk of Fame has announced 34 new inductees. Learn more about this story at www.newsy.com/70101/ Find more videos like this at ...

Another mistrial declared in Sam DuBose shooting

1 дн назад

A judge has declared another mistrial for former University of Cincinnati police Officer Ray Tensing, who fatally shot an unarmed man in 2015. Learn more about ...

China, India: New leaders of space exploration?

1 дн назад

The U.S. and Russia are longtime power players in space exploration, but two nations in Asia have made big strides to improve their programs. Learn more ...

Ferguson settles Michael Brown shooting lawsuit

1 дн назад

Ferguson, Missouri, will settle the lawsuit over Michael Brown's shooting death for $1.5 million and will pay the court fees for Brown's family. Learn more about ...

Trump says 'tapes' may have changed Comey story

1 дн назад

The president told "Fox & Friends" he thinks former FBI Director James Comey changed his story on the Russia probe after the tweet came out. Learn more ...

Johnny Depp talks about assassinating Trump

1 дн назад

Actor Johnny Depp talked about assassinating President Donald Trump while speaking at an arts festival in Glastonbury, England. Learn more about this story at ...

Left considers replacing Nancy Pelosi in House

1 дн назад

Some Democrats say they aren't confident in winning back the House majority with Nancy Pelosi as their leader. Learn more about this story at ...

'Wonder Woman' to beat new box office record

1 дн назад

It could pass "Mamma Mia!" to become the highest-grossing live-action movie directed by a woman. Learn more about this story at www.newsy.com/70092/ Find ...

Trump accused of illegally destroying records

2 дн назад

Two watchdog groups have accused President Donald Trump and his office of violating federal law by destroying what they say are presidential records.

Recreational pot states link to collision claims

2 дн назад

A study found a correlation between some states with legalized recreational marijuana use and the frequency of collision claim reports. Learn more about this ...