Mark Holmes

Double Standard when it comes to Dak and Zeke vs other players

4 час назад

The past week we have been hearing a lot about Zeke Elliot and concern about him. Somehow other player's do a lot worse like Rob Gronkowski and his "Party ...

JSR Live Stream topic "Dallas Cowboys" with guest Law Nation

20 час назад

What is the latest on the Dallas Cowboys? Tune into the Jobu Sports Report with special guest host Law Nation. Tune in and be part of the show. JSR (Jobu ...

Tony Romo landing spot, retirement home?

1 дн назад

Where will Tony Romo play next year, or will he even play next year? JSR (Jobu Sports Report) gives you the latest news on the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL ...

TMZ fake sports news will get you every time

1 дн назад

With all the reports you see from TMZ and the talking heads its hard to really know whats real and whats fake. Was there really a Dez Bryant tape? Was Zeke ...

All is quiet as the Cowboys prepare for the combine

2 дн назад

In surprising news no new team has talked about wanting Tony Romo. Is Jimmy Garoppolo less of a risk than Tony Romo? Could Josh McCown be headed for ...

Stephen A Smith victim speaks to JSR

2 дн назад

Alleged victim CowboyJobu speaks out about the assault at Super Bowl by Stephen A. Smith. JSR (Jobu Sports Report) gives you the latest news on the Dallas ...

Latest on Zeke Elliot's friend that brought loaded gun to club

2 дн назад

Zeke Elliot friend brought a loaded gun to a nightclub and name dropped Zeke Elliot. On First Take they take on the subject. Is more being made of it then is ...

DeShaun Watson wants to be a Dallas Cowboy

2 дн назад

Seems like everyone wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys from Adrian Peterson to Myles Garrett and now DeShaun Watson. What team is going to show ...

NFLPA externship with United Way

3 дн назад

The NFL players Association puts on a players externship for Life After football with companies like United Way.

Dallas Cowboys free agents value Leary, Williams and Carr

3 дн назад

If we are going to try and sign some of our free agents, what is their value? JSR (Jobu Sports Report) gives you the latest news on the Dallas Cowboys and the ...

Deion Sanders thinks Tony Romo should retire

3 дн назад

Deion Sanders think at this point Tony Romo's body can't hold up. He thinks his best landing spot is the sofa. JSR (Jobu Sports Report) gives you the latest news ...

**Breaking News** Stephen A Smith seen over taunting victim

3 дн назад

TMZ is releasing more footage of beloved Dallas Cowboys voodoo doll "Allegedly knocked out by Stephen A. Smith on the set of "First Take" during Super Bowl ...

Stephen A Smith wanted for questioning after assaulting Jobu

3 дн назад

TMZ is reporting that Stephen A. Smith is wanted for questioning about an assault on the Dallas Cowboys good luck voodoo doll CowboyJobu at the Super Bowl ...

Kirk Cousins out Tony Romo in?

3 дн назад

The Washington Redskins are trying to get a long-term deal done with Kirk Cousins but if they don't Tony Romo maybe their next choice.

Tyrone Crawford stay, go or restructure?

4 дн назад

Dallas Cowboys fans are all from all over the world. JSR gives a shout out to fans. With the Dallas Cowboys cash strapped and need more help on the line what ...

Host goes off on reasons to keep Tony Romo

4 дн назад

Sports host on The Benet Embry Show ends the argument for keeping Tony Romo as well as gives you the latest news on the Dallas Cowboys like Tyron Smith ...

Say goodbye to Tony Romo and wish him well

4 дн назад

Say goodbye to Tony Romo and wish him well.

Dear Jerry I found your War Daddy

4 дн назад

The Dallas Cowboys have been close two out of the last three seasons. The offense was good enough to get to a Super Bowl but it was the defense that couldn't ...

Herschel Walker thinks Zeke Elliot is bringing back the running back

5 дн назад

Herschel Walker thinks that with Zeke Elliot having the season that he has had that more teams will be looking to draft running backs higher in the draft.

Live stream topics: Romo, restructuring contracts, War Daddy

5 дн назад

We have a lot to talk about tonight with the Dallas Cowboys restructuring Tyron Smith and Travis Fredericks contracts as well as Tony Romo Turns. Join in ...