'Joanie' from Happy Days has died

10 час назад

56-year-old Erin Moran, who was best known as 'Joanie' from 'Happy Days, has passed away in Harrison County, Indiana.

Woman pulls out the vacuum during road rage fight

1 дн назад

Police arrested and charged a woman with battery after she pulled out a Dirt Devil while fighting on an Atlanta-area road.

WATCH: This puppy can rip some serious shreds

2 дн назад

From the half pipe to stairs, this puppy and his skateboard can handle it all!

This boy and his dog love bubbles

2 дн назад

A young boy and his dog have fun playing with bubbles.

Trump thinks Mnuchin could be as good as Hamilton

2 дн назад

Will Steve Mnuchin will be as great of a secretary of treasury as Alexander Hamilton? Trump thinks he has a chance. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get ...

NSFW: Tennis match is interrupted by sex noise

2 дн назад

No, that's not coming from a phone! Watch as a tennis match gets interrupted by sex from across the lake! You are going to want to watch this with the audio on ...

These tulip fields in Holland will take your breath away

2 дн назад

The footage was shot in Lisse and Noordwijk, Netherlands - the central location of all flower fields in the country. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get the ...

5 ways to avoid iPhone auto-correct embarrassment

2 дн назад

Stop texting 'misunderstandings' with just a couple tricks. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get the full story at http://usat.ly/2odJnG6 ...

Study: Diet soda can triple risk of dementia, stroke

2 дн назад

A new study finds one more reason to skip artifically sweetened drinks.

These childrens' smiles show the power of dance

2 дн назад

Dance Unlimited allows children with a variety of diagnoses to enjoy a fun class with other students.

Toddler steals guitar and jams out to some 'Old MacDonald'

2 дн назад

This two-year-old picked up his sister's guitar and started a jam session to his rendition of \u0022Old MacDonald.\u0022.

Watch men launch fire bombs at house and into car

2 дн назад

Fire Marshals released the victim's home surveillance video where three suspects were seen intentionally lighting the front door of the house and the parked ...

Lyrid meteor shower to light up night sky

2 дн назад

The first major meteor shower since January, the Lyrids, will make an early morning appearance.

Marijuana smokers celebrate 'high' holiday on 420

3 дн назад

Marijuana smokers commit mass disobedience by smoking in public.

Mattis: Islamic State poses 'clear and present danger'

3 дн назад

Syria retains chemical weapons and has dispersed its warplanes in recent days, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said at a news conference Friday. The aircraft ...

Cop plays hopscotch with little girl

3 дн назад

Officer Lyle Gensler was on his lunch break and saw a little girl playing old-fashioned hopscotch. She waved at him and he decided to join in.

Premature hippo baby takes a dip in the big girl pool

3 дн назад

Fiona, the hippo who won the internet, is making big strides. Her handlers at the Cincinnati Zoo captured the moment she took a dip in the adult pool for the first ...

Champs-Elysees shooting: What we know

3 дн назад

A police officer is dead and two people are wounded after a gunman opened fire in the popular Parisian shopping area.

Made in Japan videos hot on YouTube

3 дн назад

Meet two video bloggers who quit their day jobs to make YouTube videos about Japan on #TalkingTech. Jefferson Graham visits with Internationallyme and ...

Trump sends condolences after deadly Paris attack

3 дн назад

U.S. President Donald Trump remarks on the attack in Paris during his press conference with the Italian prime minister.