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Worst Movie of the Alien Franchise?! - MOVIE FIGHTS!!

14 час назад

Pick your FIGHT below! ▽▽ 4:14 ROUND 1 Worst movie of the “Alien” franchise? 23:08 ROUND 2 Pitch the Venom Movie Solo Film. 37:51 ROUND 3 Improve ...

Before They Were Famous: Wonder Woman & DC Extended Universe!

3 дн назад

Even superheroes nominees have to get their start somewhere. Check out what DCEU actors Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Ben Affleck, Margo Robbie and others were ...

Honest Trailers - Logan (Feat. Deadpool) - 200th Episode!!

5 дн назад

Hugh Jackman returns in his ninth run as Wolverine to take on his most ruthless enemy - old age! - LOGAN! Thanks to Ryan Reynolds for lending his ...

Best Nicolas Cage Performance?! - CAGE MATCH!! - MOVIE FIGHTS!!

1 нед назад

Pick your FIGHT below! ▽▽ 0:06:53 ROUND 1 What performance best defines the essence of Nicolas Cage? 0:23:09 ROUND 2 Seriously, What is Nicholas ...

Skip the Rewatch: A Guide to Pirates of the Caribbean!

1 нед назад

With the release of the latest installment of the Pirates saga Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales coming up soon, we're breaking down everything ...

Honest Trailers - Aliens

2 нед назад

Thanks to NHTSA for sponsoring today's episode. Remember to Click It or Ticket - http://bit.ly/2pXkTR7 Before you see Alien: Covenant, return to the grimey, ...

Who's The Best Guardian of The Galaxy? - MOVIE FIGHTS!!

2 нед назад

Help us chose the final fighter in the Championship match, go to sj.plus/FanPick to cast your vote Pick your FIGHT below! ▽▽ 0:07:22 ROUND 1 Who's the best ...

Watching Fifty Shades Darker With My Mom!

2 нед назад

With Mother's Day around the corner, we thought we'd treat Hal and his mom to a special viewing of the second film in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, Fifty ...

Honest Trailers - Fifty Shades Darker

3 нед назад

Strap on - uh, wait we mean "strap in" - for another reminder that your Aunt probably gets off to this stuff - Fifty Shades Darker! Got a tip? Email us ...

Pitch the 1980s Guardians of the Galaxy - WEIRD MOVIE FIGHTS!!

3 нед назад

Pick your FIGHT below! ▽▽ 0:03:50 ROUND 1 What movie character would have the best podcast? 0:16:41 ROUND 2 Cast the main characters of ...

Chris Pratt & Guardians of the Galaxy Audition for Avengers!

3 нед назад

Thanks again to M&M'S for sponsoring today's episode http://bit.ly/2oLuF7O Is Chris Pratt replacing Chris Evans as Captain America?? Kurt Russell is your new ...

Honest Trailers - La La Land

4 нед назад

Relive the shortest-reigning Best Picture winner of all-time that proves jazz will ultimately make you miserable - LA LA LAND! Wait wait wait - Actually, this is the ...

Who Is The Best Car from Cars?? - MOVIE FIGHTS!!

4 нед назад

Pick your FIGHT below! ▽▽ 0:03:59 ROUND 1 In honor of Baby Groot, Who's the all-time most adorable movie character? 0:17:55 ROUND 2 Another X-Men ...

Guardians vs. Minions! Top 10 Summer Movies 2017!

1 мес назад

Summer movie season kicks off this week - so we assembled a panel to debate what the top 10 moneymakers of the summer will be!! Enter the ScreenJunkies ...

Honest Trailers - The Social Network

1 мес назад

We poke fun at the Facebook movie that somehow made boring litigation between young entitled millionaires look interesting - The Social Network! Got a tip?

What Avengers Actor Is the Most Replaceable? - MOVIE FIGHTS!!

1 мес назад

Pick your FIGHT below! ▽▽ 0:04:41 ROUND 1 What Avengers actor is the most replaceable? 0:18:11 ROUND 2 What role would you most want to see an older ...

Honest Trailers - Split

1 мес назад

Settle in for a classic M Night Shyamalan movie with all the terrible quirks you love to hate.... and some actually decent plot stuff? Split! Got a tip? Email us ...

Who is the Greatest Director of The 1970s?! - CLASSIC FIGHTS!!

1 мес назад

Pick your FIGHT below! ▽▽ 0:3:15 ROUND 1 What's the all-time greatest “femme fatale” performance? 0:14:24 ROUND 2 Greatest director of the 1970s?

The BEST Fast and Furious Character Is...???

1 мес назад

They're fast. They're furious. They're....family? In honor of the release of Fate of the Furious, Hal and the panel break down the best Fast and Furious characters!

Honest Trailers - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

2 мес назад

Disney squeezes the last drops of blue milk out of the original trilogy, but don't you dare call it a prequel…It's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! Got a tip? Email us ...

Biggest Summer Blockbuster of 2017?! Spider-Man: Homecoming v Guardians Vol 2! - MOVIE FIGHTS!!

2 мес назад

Pick your FIGHT below! ▽▽ 0:06:35 ROUND 1 What non-“Terminator” film/franchise should Arnold revisit or take over? 0:20:51 ROUND 2 Best movie featuring ...