Justin Rhodes

Turning ELEVEN Going on TWENTY ;)

1 дн назад

The day this boy's (Jonah) parents realize their child is starting to put away childish things and looking for more mature things.

NEW Dairy Cows Coming! 2 things I must do to Prepare

3 дн назад

Just seven days until the NEW cows come home ;) These are two critical things I MUST do to fully prepare. Master Class: http://bit.ly/rhodesbeef Cleaning Kit: ...

My attempt to grow in Impossibly COLD weather

3 дн назад

I'm going for THREE easy tricks to try and get these winter hardy cover crops to grow (in December!) Will it work? Maybe, if it snows ;) That Handy Peaceful ...

Why this Grandpa is remembered 56 years after death

4 дн назад

These 80 year old (plus) siblings gather EVERY year on their daddy's death day. But, why. And what can we learn so that our children will cherish us nearly 60 ...

How our Animal Garden Feeds us (6) in a Day

6 дн назад

ALL three meals from the Animal Garden Miracle. This is what's possible with 2 Pigs, 30 Chickens and a hard working family can do :) I've taught tens of ...

How I got 2 Pigs to Till Impossible weeds

6 дн назад

Here's how I got 2 pigs to till up the most troublesome weeds in my garden. Here's the PDF on how to do the “Animal Garden Miracle” yourself: ...

My Three BEST Chicken Waterers (for Winter)

1 нед назад

These are the THREE Best chicken waterers to keep your water UNFROZEN this winter. Click “Show More” for product links. Permaculture Chickens found here: ...

Sick of Frozen Chicken Waterers | This changes Everything!

2 нед назад

Finally, my Everflow chicken waterer is (pretty) much complete. Or, at least it's ready to go into the Chickens. This is my solution to pain in the butt, dirty, frozen ...

Her NOT so fun Ultrasound RESULTS

2 нед назад

My wife's Ultrasound results are in. This FULL report of the telling results.

Chicken Waterer makes chores Easy | If it works

2 нед назад

This new design for my “Everflow” chicken waterer will automatically keep their water cool, unfrozen, replenished and clean! But, will it work. We find out today ...

COWS OUT! How to fix an Electric Fence (3 things)

2 нед назад

The 1200 Pound Bull Got out! These are the THREE things to check to fix your Electric fence FAST. ALSO, DVD sale, here: http://bit.ly/2ksSdgR.

Just in time for Christmas...

2 нед назад

Physical DVDs of “the Great American Farm Tour” and “the Great American Farm Tour.” PLUS, Farm Tour Stainless Steel Mugs: http://bit.ly/2ksSdgR.

These Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes (actually) tasted Good

2 нед назад

This is a healthy (paleo) Thanksgiving that actually tasted good. Recipes below. Tropical Traditions Pastured Organic Turkeys: http://bit.ly/2FPXOtl Against All ...

the NOT so Fun Ultrasound :(

3 нед назад

Searching deeper to find out what's wrong with my wife. This, time it's an abdominal ultrasound with special attention on the liver. ALSO in the vlog, critical ...

Why this Dad and Son held hands at 40 and 86

3 нед назад

I remember hold my Dads hand as a small child and wanting him to squeeze tight (forever). Now I know what I was really longing for. So as a 40 year old man I ...

What I say to myself when a Garden Project FAILS

3 нед назад

I waaaay underestimated this uprooting/de-weeding garden project today. Not sure if it was the missing shoes, potato fork or just more work than I thought.

How 2 Pigs + 30 Chickens Prepped my Garden

3 нед назад

Here's how to to get Chickens and Pigs to prep a 1200 square foot garden area in just TWO weeks! Learn HOW to do this yourself, here: bit.ly/gardenmiracle.

Dad’s Adorable story to son (might make you cry)

3 нед назад

Dad finally realized his life long wish has FINALLY come true. This (true) story will change the way parents view their children. Oh, and you just might cry ;) The ...

The one day Chicken coop build (for meat chickens)

3 нед назад

One day to tear down and build back up the “Meat Shaw”. Making step by step plans for my Permaculture Chickens customers: http://bit.ly/1QtCZz0.

Something Wrong with my Wife ~ Still :(

4 нед назад

After a year of mega battle, my wife's still fighting. Now, there's something wrong with her Liver. This recent set back makes us wonder, should we slow down the ...

The Free but $9 hair cut this War Vet Couldn’t Resist

4 нед назад

Unbelievable what this 86 year old Korean War Vet will do to save $11 on a hair cut. Episode 1 ofWednesday's With Willard - Our new series a father and son ...