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Who are astrology’s new influencers? | The Stream

9 час назад

It's unclear when human beings started looking up to the stars and the planets for guidance, solace or comfort. Perhaps astrology is as old as humanity itself.

⚽ Can racism ever be kicked out of football? | The Stream

12 час назад

A string of recent racist incidents during high-profile football matches has prompted some of the game's biggest names to hold a social media boycott in protest ...

🇱🇰 Sri Lanka police and security hunts for bombing suspects | Al Jazeera English

13 час назад

Sri Lanka's defence secretary has resigned following Sunday's suicide bombings. Security services remain on high alert. The United States and the UK are ...

🇺🇸 Has the US failed rape victims in wars? | Inside Story

14 час назад

The United States objected to a UN resolution on sexual violence in conflicts. The international community agrees that rape must stop being used as a weapon ...

🇮🇶 Iraq PM: We will try to ease US-Iran tension | Al Jazeera English

14 час назад

Iraq has been caught up in increasing US hostility towards its neighbour, Iran. Trade between Iraq and Iran is worth over $13bn annually and Iraq is reliant upon ...

🇲🇱 Mali's rebel leaders face UN sanctions over continued attacks | Al Jazeera English

15 час назад

Fighting continues in Mali four years after peace accords were signed, with at least 4000 people killed since 2013 and 167 in the latest attack. People are taking ...

🇺🇸 US hidden art: Museum gives access to stored works | Al Jazeera English

16 час назад

Most of the art belonging to the world's top museums often remains in storage, hidden from public view. But one museum in New York is trying to change that.

UK, Irish leaders mourn murdered journalist Lyra McKee | Al Jazeera English

17 час назад

A journalist shot dead in Northern Ireland has been laid to rest in Belfast. The Prime Ministers of Britain and Ireland attended the ceremony, as well as leaders of ...

🇱🇰 Sri Lanka continues social media ban ‘to prevent violence’ | Al Jazeera English

19 час назад

Sri Lanka's government is maintaining a ban on most social media. It says it is necessary to stop the spread of misinformation and the incitement of violence in ...

🇵🇭 Livelihood at risk: Farmers question Philippines rice tax | Al Jazeera English

20 час назад

Farmers in the Philippines say their incomes have more than halved since the introduction of a tariff on rice import. President Rodrigo Duterte says it'll help ...

🇺🇸 US Boy Scouts scandal: Over 12,000 children sexually abused | Al Jazeera English

20 час назад

A child sexual abuse scandal threatens to engulf Boy Scouts of America, an institution once considered one of the United States' most wholesome and patriotic.

🇳🇵 Nepal earthquake: Four years on, people await reconstruction | Al Jazeera English

20 час назад

Four years ago a powerful earthquake killed thousands of people in Nepal. Millions of houses were either destroyed or badly damaged. But many of these ...

🇺🇸 US measles outbreak: Disease at highest level in decades | Al Jazeera English

21 час назад

After US health authorities said measles was no longer a major threat, rates of infection fell nationwide. But they're now back up again, mirroring an increase in ...

🇬🇧 UK to allow limited 5G access to Huawei despite concerns | Al Jazeera English

21 час назад

Telcoms company Huawei is directly linked to the Chinese government but despite warnings from the United Kingdom's intelligence services that this could ...

🇸🇾 Russia, Iran, Turkey discuss post-war scenario in Syria talks | Al Jazeera English

21 час назад

Russia, Iran and Turkey are meeting in Kazakhstan to discuss rebuilding efforts as the war in Syria ends. After having played such pivotal roles in Syria, they'll ...

🇿🇦 South Africa floods: Dozens killed on east coast | Al Jazeera English

22 час назад

Heavy rains which began on Monday night have triggered flooding and mudslides along South Africa's eastern coast. South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa ...

🇺🇸 US impeachment: Trump vows to take it to top court | Al Jazeera English

22 час назад

US President Donald Trump has vowed to fight all the way to the Supreme Court, against any attempts to impeach him. This comes after Democrats in Congress ...

🇮🇷 Iran's Zarif warns US of 'consequences' over oil sanctions | Al Jazeera English

23 час назад

As the US moves to end waivers for countries still buying Iranian oil, Tehran says it will continue to sell its supplies, warning that the US will face consequences if ...

🇱🇰 Religious leaders call for unity after Sri Lanka attacks | Al Jazeera English

1 дн назад

As Sri Lanka reels from the Easter Sunday bombings its religious heads have organised an interfaith meeting and appealed for calm. But hundreds of Muslims ...

🇱🇰 Bombings intelligence row exposes tension in Sri Lanka government | Al Jazeera English

1 дн назад

Sri Lanka is in a heightened state of alert as police arrest more than 60 people over the Easter Sunday attacks. The president, prime minister and defence ...

🇨🇳 Tiananmen Square: Can China erase history? | The Stream

1 дн назад

This month marks 30 years since the start of student-led pro-democracy protests in China's Tiananmen Square, where weeks of peaceful demonstration ended ...