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U.S. Image Plummets Under Trump - Survey

3 мин назад

A survey from the Pew Research Center showed, under President Donald Trump, the image of the United States has deteriorated sharply across the globe.

Heart Failure Could Be Predicted By Poverty Level

9 мин назад

A new study suggests growing up poor might put you at risk for heart failure in adulthood. Heart failure is a progressive condition. It means the heart isn't ...

Officials Want "Making A Murder" Inmate To Remain In Jail

1 час назад

Wisconsin attorneys asked a federal appeals court Monday to keep an inmate featured in the Netxflix series "Making a Murderer" behind bars while they fight a ...

McCarthy Is Convicted For Killing Baby Doe

1 час назад

BOSTON (AP) — A man was convicted Monday of second-degree murder in the death of a 2-year-old girl who became known as Baby Doe after her remains ...

CNN Retracts Russia-Trump Story, Three Journalists Resign

1 час назад

CNN announced Monday that three of its employees have handed in their resignation over a retracted story linking President Trump to Russia. According to ...

Utah Hydrologists Mull Over Oroville Dam Catastrophe

1 час назад

Hydraulic engineers in Utah have created a replica of California's Oroville dam. They're trying to pinpoint what repairs will work best at the tallest dam in the ...

Philando Castile Killing Ends In $3M Settlement

2 час назад

The mother of Philando Castile, a black motorist killed by a Minnesota police officer last July, has reached a nearly $3 million settlement with the city that ...

Burned Remains Of Kidnapped Mexican Journalist Discovered

2 час назад

A Mexican prosecutor from the state of Michoacán said Monday that burned human remains found in the western Mexican state have been identified as ...

UK Plan For EU Citizens Revealed

2 час назад

Details of the proposals for the rights of EU citizens hoping to remain in Britain after the country's departure from the European Union, have been revealed by ...

New MacBook 2017 Can Be Ordered Now

2 час назад

Apple has released a new 12-inch MacBook for 2017. The new MacBook model has already begun shipping, and no pre-order is necessary. After ordering ...

White House Spokesman Spicer Under Fire

2 час назад

Several reporters at the White House daily press briefing on Monday called out spokesman Sean Spicer for turning off the cameras. CNN correspondent Jim ...

CNN Retracts Story About Russian Meeting With Trump Team Member

2 час назад

According to the Associated Press there are no specific details surrounding what led to a story being retracted by CNN. The story was in reference to a ...

Bridesmaid Shares Outrageous Bridezilla Antics

5 час назад

Think you've known a bridezilla? Think again. One bridesmaid is sharing her experience with the internet, and it's something you have to hear to believe.

Kentucky Lawyer From Fraud Scheme Flees Country

5 час назад

A Kentucky lawyer who pleaded guilty to participating in a massive disability fraud scheme has fled the country. According to local media reports, Eric ...

6 City Living Savings Tips

5 час назад