Hollywood, Hip Hop and the Casting Couch [Street Soldiers]

2 дн назад

The Harvey Weinstein scandal ignited the public debate about the sexual abuse of women and encouraged many who'd suffered in silence to speak out. But will ...

In the Kitchen with Chef Daniel Boulud

2 дн назад

This edition of the Lap of Luxury brought us into the kitchen at Café Boulud with Chef Daniel Boulud and Chef de Cuisine Aaron Bludorn, who are making two ...

Brooklyn Brand Slow Factory Mixes Fashion and Social Activism

5 дн назад

The current political climate is providing one local fashion designer with endless inspiration. Céline Semaan's Slow Factory, based in Brooklyn, uses clothes and ...

Misty Copeland

7 дн назад

A new season of The American Ballet Theater kicks off this week and the world's most famous ballerina goes one on one with Rosanna Scotto. From elite dancer ...

Combating School Violence in New York City [Street Soldiers]

1 нед назад

The New York City school year got off to a violent start with an increase in deadly weapons and the murder of a student in his school. Now some are calling for ...

Rep. Nydia Velazquez

1 нед назад

Rep. Nydia Velazquez attacks President Trump's tweets on Puerto Rico.

Guns N' Roses Art Gallery

1 нед назад

Fox 5's Steve Lacy has teamed up with rock photographer Mark Weiss to create a show of screen prints featuring Guns N'Roses.

Racism: A Brief History

1 нед назад

New York City. Washington Square Park. The poet and artist known simply as Sir Shadow recites his ode to Timothy Caughman, a 66-year-old man who was ...

Schoolkids Buy Sick Classmate a Robot So He Can "Go" to School

1 нед назад

Tyler Knurek, 13, would love nothing more than to be in school with his friends. Tyler has cancer (Hodgkin's lymphoma) and has been undergoing treatments ...

Ex-Gang Member Works to Stop Violence in Brooklyn

1 нед назад

A video shows Shanduke McPhatter as a young man in the Bloods gang waving a gun with his young sons in the same room. He was in and out of prison for 14 ...

Episode 1: The Cosmic Muffin

2 нед назад

In this, Another Think Coming's inaugural episode, Mac talks outer space and the organisms like us who live on its planets and who - as far as we know - have ...

Episode 1 Who killed Sarah Fox?

2 нед назад

Fox 5 News is opening up its Tape Room and taking a look back at some of the most infamous and unsolved crimes in the New York and New Jersey area.

Episode 1: Build wealth and banish fear!

2 нед назад

Alison Morris talks with Cary Carbonaro Certified Financial Planner & author of The Money Queen's Guide For Women Who Want to Build Wealth and Banish ...

Episode 1: Laura Perlongo Shulman

2 нед назад

Welcome to Binge-Talking! In this inaugural episode Steve invited his friend Laura Perlongo Schulman to chat about the roots of their friendship, staying true to ...

Bishop T.D. Jakes: Be an Entrepreneur

2 нед назад

Bishop T.D. Jakes is bringing his spiritual teachings to the business world. He wants readers of his new book "Soar" to have faith in their ability to be an ...

T.D. Jakes

2 нед назад

The bishop talks about his book Soar!

Cardi B's Rise to the Top: Woman in Hip Hop [Street Soldiers]

2 нед назад

The music industry is still a boys' club but women are winning big. And in hip hop, it has never been a better time than now for female artists. But is their image or ...

Hip Hop Humanitarians: Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Jay Z Stand Up for Puerto Rico [Street Soldiers]

2 нед назад

What started out with a rapper from the Forrest Projects in the Bronx posting a plea on Instagram for people to help Puerto Rico has evolved into a massive ...

Lap of Luxury: On the Road with the Lamborghini Aventador S

2 нед назад

In this edition of the Lap of Luxury, we're bringing it back to where it all began by revisiting Lamborghini. But this time we're checking out the brand's even faster, ...

Video Evidence in Ahmad Khan Rahimi Trial

2 нед назад

While prosecutors present their case against alleged pressure cooker bomber Ahmad Khan Rahimi, the jurors are getting a very detailed look at Rahimi's ...

Human trafficking online

4 нед назад

Human trafficking experts are sounding the alarm about people being for sale on the dark web.