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WARRIORS: Raw video of the Warriors arriving home with NBA Western Conference trophy

1 час назад

Raw video of the Warriors arriving home with NBA Western Conference trophy.

KPIX Sky Drone 5: Massive Landslide Shuts Down Highway 1 at Big Sur

1 час назад

KPIX Sky Drone 5 gives a unique video of the massive landslide that has shut down Highway 1 at Big Sur.

Tuesday Morning Forecast With Roberta Gonzales

2 час назад

After a hot weekend, expect much cooler conditions along the coast and around the bay on Tuesday, with highs in the 60s. Temperatures will continue to cool ...

Islamic State Claims Responsibility In Deadly Manchester Concert Bombing

2 час назад

ISIS has claimed responsibility after a terror attack killed 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England on Monday night. Teri Okita reports.

E-Commerce Delivery, Rideshare Vehicles Intensify San Francisco Traffic

10 час назад

E-commerce deliver trucks and rideshare vehicles may be intensifying San Francisco's traffic woes. Wilson Walker reports. (5/22/17)

Draymond Green: We Didn't Play The Little Sisters Of The Poor

11 час назад

The Warriors react to sweeping the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals. Acting head coach Mike Brown and Draymond Green address the ...

Explosion That Killed 19, Injured 50 In Manchester Conducted By Suicide Bomber

11 час назад

CBS News reports that the explosion that killed 19 and injured 50 at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester was conducted by a suicide bomber. Joe Vazquez ...

Dennis O'Donnell: Embrace Warriors Boredom

11 час назад

There's been lots of complaining about boring blowout games in the 2017 playoffs. Dennis O'Donnell wants Warriors fans to embrace the boredom. (5-22-17)

Company Releases Animation Of New Air Taxi Design

14 час назад

Kiet Do reports on another contender in Silicon Valley race to make a self-flying taxi (5-22-2017)

Board Members Give No-Confidence Vote For Contra Costa County DA

15 час назад

Juliette Goodrich reports Contra Costa County District Attorneys Association giving a vote of no confidence to DA (5-22-2017)

Hundreds Of Aquatic Birds Roost Under New Span Of Bay Bridge

15 час назад

The cormorants have moved into their new homes on the new span of the Bay Bridge. Don Ford reports. (5/22/17)

Oakland Scholar Overcomes Poverty, Broken Family On Way To College

15 час назад

Jevontae Paul wants to be remembered and known by future generations of Oakland students as a role model.

Private Jet Terminal At SJ Mineta Allegedly Shared Secret Security Codes

15 час назад

Maria Medina reports on a company under federal investigation for allegedly allowing Silicon Valley tech execs access onto highly restricted airport property at ...

Trump Administration Approves $650 Million For Caltrain Electrification

15 час назад

The Trump administration has agreed to fully fund a $650 million federal grant for electrification of the Caltrain system that would also help California's ...

Trump Supports Michael Flynn's Decision To Plead The Fifth In Russia Investigation

15 час назад

Despite criticizing Clinton staffers for pleading the fifth, Trump is supporting Michael Flynn's decision to invoke the Fifth Amendment in Russia probe. Seth Lemon ...

19 Dead After Explosion Outside Ariana Grande Concert In Manchester

15 час назад

Elizabeth Cook reports on fatal explosion outside UK Ariana Grande concert that appears to be a terrorist attack (5-22-2017)

Amazon Customers Report Bait-And-Switch Delivery Offers

15 час назад

Amazon customers are reporting bait-and-switch delivery offers and they're not happy. Julie Watts reports. (5/22/17)

Federal Government Outlines Plan To Punish Sanctuary Cities

15 час назад

The federal government on Monday spelled out its plan to punish sanctuary cities. Phil Matier reports. (5/22/17)

Monday Pinpoint Forecast

15 час назад

Paul Deanno says the 90 degree temperatures inland should be coming down with a marine layer settling in, but the cooler temps have already arrived on the ...

Family Deeply Worried After Disappearance Of Uber Driver

16 час назад

Susie Steimle reports on concerns of wife and young sons of an Uber driver who has been missing for over a week (5-22-2017)

Multiple Fatalities Reported After Explosion Outside Ariana Grande Concert In Manchester

16 час назад

Allen Martin reports the latest details from developing news about explosion outside Ariana Grande concert in England (5-22-2017)