Khloe Kardashian Not Pregnant, Despite 'Dad + Mom' Post with Tristan | TMZ Sports

1 час назад

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are calling themselves "Dad + Mom" -- but DON'T FREAK OUT ... they're not preggo!!! SUBSCRIBE ...

UFC's Felice Herrig Calls For Poop Mercy On Justine Kish | TMZ Sports

6 час назад

UFC fighter Felice Herrig is taking the high road in her now infamous fight with Justine Kish -- saying she refuses to "talk s**t" about her opponent ... despite what ...

Big Baby Davis Says The Clippers Are Done, Blake Griffin Should Join Westbrook | TMZ Sports

7 час назад

Glen "Big Baby" Davis says your Blake Griffin jersey is about to become a collectors item ... telling TMZ Sports the Lob City era is OVER ... and he knows exactly ...

The Game: Lonzo Ball Will Make Lakers Champs In 1 Season! | TMZ Sports

10 час назад

The Game: Lonzo Ball Will Make Lakers Champs In 1 Season! SUBSCRIBE -- http://po.st/TMZSportsSubscribe About TMZ Sports: Some of the best stories in ...

MLB's Brian Wilson: The Beard Is Dead, Probably | TMZ Sports

10 час назад

R.I.P. Brian Wilson's luscious, strong, beautiful beard ... 'cause the MLB pitcher says his face-warmer is officially gone forever. SUBSCRIBE ...

Grandpa Ball: LaVar Woulda Beat MJ, '100%' | TMZ Sports

11 час назад

LaVar Ball isn't the only one in the world who thinks he could've beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1 ... his father agrees ... telling TMZ Sports he's CERTAIN his Big ...

Post Malone Wants to Honor Stone Cold Steve Austin with a Feature & a Wrestling Career | TMZ Sports

1 дн назад

Post Malone is giving props to Stone Cold Steve Austin for being the inspiration to one of his songs ... and perhaps a shot at getting in the ring himself.

Allen Iverson Advice For Markelle Fultz | TMZ Sports

1 дн назад

We asked Iverson if he has any words of wisdom for top pick in the NBA Draft, Markelle Fultz ... his advice was short but sweet. SUBSCRIBE ...

DeMar DeRozan's Boxing with Team Mayweather | TMZ Sports

1 дн назад

Attention NBA, think twice before starting any static with Raptors superstar DeMar DeRozan ... 'cause the dude is spending his off-season throwing some serious ...

UFC's Michael Chiesa Ready to Smash Mom Hater Kevin Lee | TMZ Sports

1 дн назад

Michael Chiesa can't wait to shut up loudmouth Kevin Lee ... telling TMZ Sports he's gonna finish the designer label "dork" in Sunday's UFC main event.

Tee Grizzley Fat Cash | TMZ Sports

1 дн назад

The "LeBron Effect" has brought a ton of new fans (and customers) to Grizzley's music ... and he shows us the financial impact by whippin' out $80k CASH in the ...

Tee Grizzley: LeBron Tripled My Song Sales After Gym Jam Session | TMZ Sports

1 дн назад

LeBron James' bald-headed workout jam session has worked wonders for Tee Grizzley's bank account ... 'cause the Detroit rapper says his record sales have ...

KC Chiefs Trainer 'On Cloud 9' Knowing He Saved Gay NFL Player's Life | TMZ Sports

1 дн назад

Here he is ... the KC Chiefs trainer who helped save a closeted gay NFL player from killing himself, David Price, tells TMZ Sports he was "elated" to find out he ...

Allen Iverson Practices for Debut of Ice Cube's BIG3 League | TMZ Sports

2 дн назад

'The Answer' hit the courts at Chelsea Piers in NYC Friday to shoot around with other former NBA stars -- like Kenyon Martin -- and get ready for the tip-off of Ice ...

John Salley Says Axing Rodman From Hall Of Fame Over North Korea Ties Is Crazy | TMZ Sports

2 дн назад

John Salley 100% has the back of his old Bad Boys teammate Dennis Rodman ... saying the human rights organization calling for revoking The Worm's Hall Of ...

Lil Yachty Wants To Get Beat Up By WWE Superstars For Cash | TMZ Sports

2 дн назад

Wanna see Lil Yachty get his ass kicked?! You might be in luck... 'cause the rapper says he's in talks with WWE to take a major beatdown from wrestling ...

GGG Says He Might Quit Boxing Because Of His Wife | TMZ Sports

2 дн назад

Gennady Golovkin's wife Alina actually wants to spend time with her husband (crazy, right?!) ... and the boxing superstar says he's considering retiring from ...

Herschel Walker Says OJ Simpson Should Mentor Kids After Prison | TMZ Sports

3 дн назад

Herschel Walker says his old friend OJ Simpson has paid his debt to society and deserves a second chance at life ... and he'd like to see Juice do something ...

Guess Which NFL Legend These Abs Belong To | TMZ Sports

3 дн назад

This NFL legend showed off his insanely shredded physique while lounging with his brand new smokin' hot fiancee in the Caribbean. SUBSCRIBE ...

Dennis Rodman Uses Women's Restroom at Airport While Blasting Staind | TMZ Sports

3 дн назад

He's worn dresses ... maybe that's why Dennis Rodman felt so comfortable using the women's restroom at Long Beach airport Wednesday night. SUBSCRIBE ...

Grandpa Ball: LaVar Learned Everything From Me! | TMZ Sports

3 дн назад

Here he is ... the man who REALLY created the Big Baller empire -- Grandpa Ball -- and he's spilling some family secrets to TMZ Sports! SUBSCRIBE ...