Michael McIntee

Fully Funding MN Public Education -News Conference

2 дн назад

Education Minnesota talks about what fully funding public education will do for students and the state budget. The union of the state's educators will present its ...

Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act News Conference

5 дн назад

State Sen. Jeff Hayden, DFL-Minneapolis, and state Rep. Rena Moran, DFL-Saint Paul, announce a new proposal to protect the best interests of African ...

Crackdown On Wage Theft Gets MN House hearing

1 нед назад

Didn't get paid for your lunch hour? How about for that mandatory training session? Did your employer deduct exorbitant percentages from your paychecks for ...

Paid Family Leave Bill Gets MN House Hearing

2 нед назад

The Minnesota House Labor Committee takes up discussion of HF5, which seeks to provide paid family and medical leave leave state-wide.

MN Voter Registration System Funding-House Hearing

2 нед назад

The House State Government Finance Division is taking up two bills related to voting: HF14 and HF17. HF17 aims to provide money for updating, modernizing, ...

Task Force on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women creation - MN House considers

3 нед назад

House Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform Finance and Policy Division considers two bills HF15 (Stephenson) Voluntary relationship defense for criminal ...

MN Considers Restricting Cell Phone Use To "Hands Free" While Driving

4 нед назад

The Minnesota House Transportation Committee considers HF50 that would prohibit cell phone use while driving unless the phone is being used in the "hands ...

MN House Floor Session And Tom Rukavina Memorial

1 мес назад

11:30 a.m. - House Floor Session Following adjournment: Memorialization of former Representative Tom Rukavina.

DFL House Leaders Unveil First Bills Of 2019 Session

1 мес назад

Minnesota House DFL leaders and legislators will release House Files 1 through 10 at 12:00 PM on Wednesday, January 9th. WHO: Speaker Melissa Hortman, ...

MN GOP Senators Announce First Five Bills of 2019 Session

1 мес назад

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and members of the Senate Republican Caucus highlight the first five bills to be introduced in the 2019 session. According ...

DFL Takes Over MN House As 2019 Session Begins

1 мес назад

Democrats take control of the Minnesota House as the 2019 legislative session begins. Agenda: - Members-elect take the oath of office - Election of speaker of ...

MN Senate - 2019 Session First Day

1 мес назад

9:30 a.m. - Press Conference - Senate Republicans announce first five bills of 2019 session Topic: Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and members of the ...

MN Sec. of State Announces "Investing In Democracy" Agenda

1 мес назад

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon announces his “Investing in Democracy” agenda, alongside legislative leaders, county officials, advocates, and voters ...

Phillips Hosts First Town Hall To Standing Room Only Crowd

2 мес назад

Congressman-elect Dean Phillips didn't wait long to keep his promise. He held a town hall a little more than a month after being elected, something his ...

Assisted Elder Care or Assisted Elder Torture?

2 мес назад

Assisted living facilities in Minnesota can provide superb elder care or they can provide scary conditions. The December, 2018, Minneapolis League of Women ...

Dean Phillips Supporters Celebrate Victory

3 мес назад

Several thousand people jammed the ballroom of the Minneapolis Hilton in Bloomington Hotel on the night of the general election hoping to celebrate Dean ...

Dean Philips Ousts Erik Paulsen -Full Victory Speech

3 мес назад

Dean Phillips (DFL) becomes the first Democratic representative from Minnesota's Third District since 1960 as he defeats Rep. Erik Paulsen (R). He greets a ...

Freeman & Haase - Hennepin Co. Attorney Candidates Forum

4 мес назад

Longtime Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman is running opposed for the first time in many years. This election he is facing opposition from Minneapolis ...

Commissioner Linda Higgins Explains Hennepin County Budget

4 мес назад

Hennepin County Commissioner Linda Higgins appeared at the Minneapolis League of Women Voters Civic Buzz on October 2, 2018. Although she claimed to ...

Erik Paulsen Debates Dean Phillips On MPR - Full Event

4 мес назад

Rep. Erik Paulsen (R) debates his challenger Dean Phillips (DFL) at Minnesota Public Radio on October 5, 2018. Polls show the race in Minnesota's 3rd ...

Radinovich Stauber & Sandman -MN CD8 Candidate Forum

5 мес назад

Joe Radinovich (DFL) and Pete Stauber (R) are locked in a tight race for Minnesota's 8th Congressional District seat. Ray "Skip" Sandman is the Independence ...