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American International Toy Fair 2018: Small startups make big splash

19 час назад

Move over Mattel and Hasbro, it's the small toy startups that are making big moves. During the 2018 New York American International Toy Fair, FOX Business caught up with successful small toy...

Toys 'R' Us bankruptcy: 'We'll survive' says Epoch Toys CEO

1 дн назад

Toys "R" Us and other brick and mortar retailers are facing uncertainly and the $21 billion toy industry remains at stake. At the 2018 American International Toy Fair Epoch Everlasting Play...

Paul Ryan: Tax reform is making America more competitive

2 дн назад

House Speaker Paul Ryan on why the tax reform bill was crucial to helping America's economy and his future as House speaker.

Paul Ryan: 2019 budget was a bipartisan compromise

2 дн назад

House Speaker Paul Ryan discusses the 2019 budget proposal, the Federal Reserve's push to raise interest rates and why he wants entitlement reform to pass this year.

Stock market will sell off by 30%: MacroMavens president

2 дн назад

MacroMavens President Stephanie Pomboy discusses her concerns over current economic conditions and the Fed's impact on the stock market.

Should Christopher Wray step down from FBI?

2 дн назад

Retired FBI special agent Bobby Chacon discusses whether FBI Director Christopher Wray should continue to run the FBI.

FBI needs to be shut down: Chris Farrell

2 дн назад

Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell on the problems with the FBI and why the FBI needs to be shut down.

Trump can be the catalyst in preventing another school shooting: Ed Rollins

2 дн назад

Great America PAC Chairman Ed Rollins discusses President Trump's response to the high school shooting in Florida and how the president can take action in helping prevent another shooting.

Will Trump be blamed for failure to pass immigration reform?

2 дн назад

Boston Herald radio host Adriana Cohen, Ohio candidate for U.S. Congress Christina Hagan and National Review contributing editor Deroy Murdock on whether President Trump will be to blame if...

Does Florida law enforcement need to improve on sharing information?

2 дн назад

Cybersecurity expert Morgan Wright and GOP strategist Ford O'Connell on the FBI failing to follow up on a tip that could have stopped the Florida shooting.

Manufacturers are confident thanks to tax reform, regulatory relief: Jay Timmons

2 дн назад

National Association of Manufacturers President Jay Timmons discusses why manufacturing companies are optimistic about the future.

Copycat shooters appear after Florida shooting

2 дн назад

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke discusses the possible threat of copycat shooters amid the Florida shooting.

13 Russians indicted over charges of aiding Trump

2 дн назад

Former Bush 43 deputy chief of staff Karl Rove discusses Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's response to the federal grand jury that had indicted 13 Russians and three Russian entities...

Florida shooting: YouTube user describes how he tipped off the FBI

2 дн назад

YouTube vlogger Ben Bennight described Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz's media posts and how he tipped off the FBI about him.

No chance Russians will be trialed in a US courtroom: Fmr. Asst. US Attorney

2 дн назад

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Andrew McCarthy says criminalizing Russia-U.S. election meddling will provoke other countries to act in favor of the U.S..

FBI relies on the public to prevent shooting crimes: Fmr. agent

3 дн назад

Former FBI agent John G. Iannarelli reacts to the admission by the FBI that it didn't follow the proper protocols after receiving a tip about the Florida shooter.

Trump’s Florida school shooting response was encouraging: MLK niece

3 дн назад

Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece and Fox News contributor Alveda King reacts to President Trump's call for the nation to come together in the wake of the Florida school shooting.

Stocks during the Chinese New Year, Year of the Dog

3 дн назад

Bubba Trading founder Todd Horwitz discusses the companies in the Dow that he doesn't like and says oil stocks will get punished throughout the year.

California law could allow illegal immigrants to vote

3 дн назад

California Lt. Governor candidate Lydia Ortega (R) reacts to the state's push to give illegal immigrants the right to vote once they get a driver's license.

Florida shooter must have a disturbed mine: Rep. Rutherford

3 дн назад

Rep. John Rutherford (R-Fla.) reacts to the FBI's admission it never acted on a January tip from someone close to the Florida shooter.

Russians staged rallies to both support and oppose Trump: Rosenstein

3 дн назад

Daily Caller editor Katie Frates and Washington Examiner editorial director Hugo Gurdon react to the Russian meddling of the U.S. election.