AirBar Touchscreen Sensor on Windows 10® OS

1 мес назад

Let AirBar unlock the touch features in Windows 10! Get it at http://www.air.bar.

AirBar™ Touch Screen Sensor For MacBook Air® Notebooks

5 мес назад

Pre-order today at http://www.air.bar/mac Get touch on your MacBook Air with AirBar!

AirBar Quick Start Guide

8 мес назад

Watch this quick start video that shows the step for when first attaching AirBar!

The making of AirBar™ sensor

1 год назад

Pre-order now at http://www.air.bar! To bring the AirBar to the mass-market Neonode has developed a manufacturing process which is 99% done by robots.

The AirBar™ sensor - Get touch on your new or existing PC

1 год назад

Pre-order AirBar at http://www.air.bar It's sleek, it's matte black, it's attached beneath your screen and when you plug it in you can use touch gestures without a ...