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White House's "Energy Week" message overshadowed

45 мин назад

The White House this week sought to promote the path toward U.S. "energy dominance," but it's struggling to be heard during the Senate's health care battle.

Google fined $2.7 billion by EU anti-trust regulator

1 час назад

A European Union watchdog fined Google $2.7 billion on Tuesday. Wired editor-in-chief Nick Thompson explained to CBSN how shopping searches earned the ...

Trump plays peacemaker as GOP debates health care bill

2 час назад

President Trump met with Senate Republicans Tuesday after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delayed voting on their health care bill. Associated Press White ...

Global cyberattack exploited U.S. government-made security backdoor

2 час назад

On Tuesday, computers in at least six countries -- including the United States -- were locked down during a massive ransomware cyberattack. The same ...

White House hammers media after CNN retracts story

2 час назад

Three CNN journalists resigned after the publication pulled a story linking former Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci with a Russian bank. CBS News White House ...

GOP Senators try to shore up support for health care bill

2 час назад

After delaying the Senate health care vote, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell must now convince more Republicans to get on board with the bill. CBS News' ...

Pentagon says it has detected Syria's "active preparations" for chemical attack

2 час назад

Recent intelligence suggests that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is preparing to launch another chemical attack. CBS News national security correspondent ...

South Carolina mom gives birth to 14.4-pound baby

4 час назад

On June 23, Cindy Richmond of Lexington, South Carolina, gave birth to a whopping 14.4-pound baby -- the biggest baby clinicians recall being born at ...

Behind the EU's record $2.7B fine for Google

5 час назад

The EU says search giant Google must pay for antitrust violations.

Father drowns after saving daughter in kayaking accident

5 час назад

A father drowned while saving his daughter after a kayaking accident near Sacramento on Sunday. Sharon Chin of CBS San Francisco reports. Subscribe to the ...

President Trump meets with GOP senators at White House

5 час назад

The president met with Republican senators Tuesday after they delayed plans to vote on the latest health care bill. CBS News political director Steve Chaggaris ...

Mom, baby healthy after mid-flight delivery

5 час назад

Cristina Penton's due date was not for another 4 weeks, but she started to feel contractions shortly after her flight from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas took off. By the ...

Police: Couple arrested for locking child in room, hoarding dead animals in freezer

5 час назад

Police arrested a Tennessee couple Monday after children were found living in horrid conditions. Bill Mitchell of CBS affiliate WDEF-TV reports. Subscribe to the ...

Waitress saves choking 9-year-old at New Jersey restaurant

6 час назад

Kye Rodgers, 9, was with her family at a Chili's restaurant when all of a sudden she began to choke. That's when waitress Dina Gonzalez came to the rescue.

Trump meeting with GOP senators after vote delay

6 час назад

President Trump invited GOP senators to meet at the White House after they delayed a vote on their health care bill. Washington Post congressional reporter Ed ...

Terminally ill 5-year-old girl gets dream "wedding" with best friend

6 час назад

It was a fairy tale Eileidh Paterson dreamed up with her mom after she was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma -- a cancer that is commonly found in the ...

Full video: Senate Democrats react to health care vote delay

7 час назад

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) said the Senate health care bill is too bad a plan to pass, after Republicans announced the vote would be ...

Full video: Mitch McConnell announces health care vote delay

7 час назад

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), flanked by Senators John Thune (R-South Dakota) and John Barrasso (R-Wyoming), announced ...

6 states hit hardest by Senate health bill premiums

7 час назад

Kaiser Family Foundation found premiums, after tax credits would rise under the Senate health plan.

China's wackiest mall attractions

7 час назад

In China, shopper attractions like "Pizza" the polar bear and a double-size replica of the Pentagon are no match for changing shopping habits. As more and ...

Senate vote delayed; what's next for health bill?

9 час назад

The Senate Republican leadership has delayed a vote on their health care bill. CBS News political director Steve Chaggaris joins CBSN to discuss the ...