The Most Affordable Summer Travel Destinations Of 2017

14 час назад

Check out some of the most affordable places you can visit this summer https://goo.gl/oKUVpN.

Attention, All Potterheads: Harry Potter Turns 20!

1 дн назад

The magical book has been translated into at least 73 languages and has been adapted into eight movies that grossed over $6.5 billion. https://goo.gl/WJoU2Z.

Trump Lied About Taping Conversations With Ex-FBI Director Comey

4 дн назад

Trump finally came clean but people are wondering why he chose to lie in the first place.

Atlanta-Based Musician Raury Protested D&G While Walking The Runway

5 дн назад

Raury protested against D&G's support for the Trump's while walking the runway.

Donald Trump Blames Democrats For Obstructing Health Care Bill

5 дн назад

President Donald Trump blames Democrats for obstructing health care bill – a bill that was almost entirely written behind closed doors.

New Dash Cam Footage Shows The Horror That Followed Castile’s Shooting

5 дн назад

Footage shows Philando Castile's fiance crying in pain as her daughter tries and consoles her: “Mama, please don't scream 'cause I don't want you to get ...

Nabra Hassanen's Memorial Set On Fire On The Day Of Her Funeral

5 дн назад

Nabra Hassanen's memorial was set on fire, but the police still won't call it a hate crime.

Georgia Election Winner Karen Handel Doesn't Care About Human Rights

5 дн назад

Georgia election winner Karen Handel doesn't care about human rights https://goo.gl/U2Pq24.

3 More Americans Are Still Awaiting Freedom In North Korea

6 дн назад

Otto Warmbier's death has brought into focus the cases of these 3 Americans detained in North Korea. https://goo.gl/L6fSTt.

Sean Spicer Might Be Leaving The White House Podium

6 дн назад

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer may be given a new role inside the West Wing...

Officer Jeronimo Yanez Admitted He Shot Philando Castile Because He Was 'Nervous'

6 дн назад

Jeronimo Yanez also lied about seeing the gun in Castile's hand.

Donald Trump Ignores London Mosque Attack

7 дн назад

There's a significant difference between Donald Trump's responses to the London Bridge and Finsbury Park terror attacks.

Democrats Protest GOP’s Health Care Bill Secrecy

7 дн назад

Senate Democrats hold the floor in protest of GOP keeping its health care bill secret.

Man Charged With Murder Of Muslim Teen Killed After Leaving Virginia Mosque

7 дн назад

Twenty-two-year-old Darwin Martinez Torres charged with murder of Muslim teen killed after leaving Virginia mosque.

Muslim Girl Beaten To Death, Dumped In Pond After Leaving Mosque

1 нед назад

The young girl was walking back to All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) mosque for Ramadan prayers when she was attacked (Earlier versions of the story ...

Van Rams Worshipers Leaving London Mosque - Terrorism?

1 нед назад

At least 1 killed and 10 injured in Finsbury Park mosque attack.

Donald Trump's Cuba Travel Policy To Slam Regime's Human Rights Record

1 нед назад

Donald Trump seeks to undo some of Obama's Cuba-friendly policies to slam regime's human rights record - but Trump doesn't mind dancing with the Saudi ...

North Korea Frees Otto Warmbier — But Not Before He Went Into A Coma

1 нед назад

The doctors said Warmbier is in a “state of unresponsive wakefulness” https://goo.gl/de57iL.

Trump Admin Suspends DAPA Program Protecting Undocumented Immigrants

2 нед назад

The DAPA was introduced by former President Barack Obama in 2014. It protected undocumented parents in the U.S..

In Yemen, One Child Is Contracting Cholera Every 35 Seconds

2 нед назад

Since April, at least 942 people have lost their lives to cholera… https://goo.gl/J2AfR2.

Alexandria Shooter James Hodgkinson Had Multiple Run-Ins With The Law

2 нед назад

Alexandria shooter James Hodgkinson had multiple run-ins with the law https://goo.gl/0UnXCM.