There's No Such Thing As Child Prostitution

20 час назад

"There is no such thing as child prostitution. All of those victims are actually sex trafficked victims," explains Emily Freeborn of Children at Risk. Stay connected to ...

2017 Has Been A Rough Year For Right-Wing Media Bigwigs, So Far

22 час назад

Milo Yinnapolous, Tomi Lahren, Alex Jones and now Bill O'Reilly. 2017 has been a rough year for right-wing media personalities, but no one's complaining.

Prime Target Of Human Traffickers? Homeless And Runaway Youth

2 дн назад

Homeless and runaway youth are most at risk of falling in to the hands of child traffickers, explains Emily Freeborn of Children at Risk. Stay connected to ...

POTUS Invites Racist Celebrity To The White House

2 дн назад

President Donald Trump hung out with Ted Nugent, a notoriously racist celebrity, at the White House. https://goo.gl/ZjZd3r.

Undocumented Mother Hiding In Church Makes Time's 100 Most Influential

2 дн назад

Vizguerra has spent 65 days living in the First Unitarian Church in Denver, to prevent herself from deportation. https://goo.gl/7oiQu0.

Justin Trudeau Says Donald Trump ‘Listens’ – Does He?

2 дн назад

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau just said U.S. President Donald Trump “listens.” But evidence suggests otherwise.

Hillary Clinton Speaks At LGBT Community Center Dinner

2 дн назад

Hillary Clinton at LGBT community center dinner: “We may not ever be able to count on this administration to lead on LGBT issues.”

Bill O’Reilly Just Got Replaced By Another Sexist Host, Tucker Carlson

3 дн назад

Tucker Carlson, has been criticized for making sexist remarks on and off set… https://goo.gl/3uCai3.

Watch Bill O’Reilly Lose His Cool After Al Franken Smacks Him Down

3 дн назад

In 2003, Al Franken smacked O'Reilly for not knowing the difference between Polk Award and a Peabody award. The now former Fox News host couldn't handle ...

Bernie Sanders Blasts Donald Trump In Speech During “Fight Back” Tour

3 дн назад

We have a president who thinks climate change is a hoax,” Sanders said.

Undocumented Immigrants Pay More In Taxes Than The Top 1 Percent

3 дн назад

Undocumented immigrants give an average of 8% of their incomes in state and local taxes annually… https://goo.gl/MKD1Xc.

Rob Gronkowski Crashes Sean Spicer’s Press Briefing

3 дн назад

New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski crashes Sean Spicer's press briefing to help him do his job.

Trump Said An Armada Was Sent To The Korean Peninsula, It Wasn’t

4 дн назад

As a show of power, Trump bragged about a “powerful armada” being send to North Korea. But it was heading towards another country, in the opposition ...

Fox News’ Shep Smith Slams Trump’s ‘Buy American’ Order

4 дн назад

Shep Smith explains how President Donald Trump's “Buy American” policy could increase the price of goods.

Cleveland Victim’s Family Forgives Killer

5 дн назад

I honestly can say right now that I hold no animosity in my heart against this man,” said Godwin's daughter.

North Korea Warns The U.S. It ‘Is Ready To React To Any Mode Of War’

5 дн назад

North Korea's deputy UN ambassador said Trump has "created a dangerous situation in which a thermo-nuclear war may break out any moment"

Syrian Conflict Continues To Take Devastating Toll On Children

6 дн назад

A suicide bombing has killed 126 people including 80 children… https://goo.gl/mFVw5I.

Rep. Ted Lieu: Jared Kushner 'Lied And His Security Clearance Should Be Revoked'

6 дн назад

Rep. Ted Lieu says Jared Kushner “lied and his security clearance should be revoked”

From China To NATO To Syria, Trump Pulls 180-Degree Turn On Promises

1 нед назад

From China to NATO to Syria, Trump pulls 180-degree turn on campaign promises https://goo.gl/5pRcwp.

Dina Ali’s Case Is Part Of A Bigger Cultural Problem In Saudi Arabia

1 нед назад

Saudi Arabia is among the worst countries in the world for women https://goo.gl/daCua4.