Madagascar Reports Over 1,150 Cases Of ‘Black Death’

10 час назад

Madagascar reports over 1150 cases of 'Black Death' which has already claimed the lives of 97 people https://goo.gl/rgfh2J.

Pollution Caused More Than 9 Million Premature Deaths In 2015

3 дн назад

That's 3 times the number killed by AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined https://goo.gl/F3hQCv.

FBI Rescues 84 Kids, Including A 3-Month-Old, From Sex Traffickers

3 дн назад

FBI rescues more than 80 children, including a 3-month-old baby, from sex traffickers https://goo.gl/DdU9p8 Don't forget to subscribe and follow us: ...

The Internet Goes Wild Over ‘Fake Melania’ Conspiracy Theory

4 дн назад

Bizarre conspiracy theory about Melania Trump using a body double takes over the internet.

12 Numbers That Prove Puerto Rico is Still In Deep Crisis

5 дн назад

Almost 90 percent of homes in Puerto Rico were damaged by the Class 3 hurricane and 80 percent of the island's crops were destroyed. https://goo.gl/8hTdTb.

The Recent Oil Spill In Gulf Of Mexico Is The Largest In US Since 2010

6 дн назад

The volume of oil released is estimated to be between 333900 and 392700 gallons https://goo.gl/wVa6YB.

Trump’s Voters Will Be Hurt The Most By Changes To Obamacare

1 нед назад

The health care provision that Trump ended benefited 4 million trump voters in 30 states https://goo.gl/zjdrkC.

The Things Americans Fear In 2017 Are Kind Of Surprising — Or Not

1 нед назад

Most Americans apparently don't fear terrorism, sexual assault or racism this year. https://goo.gl/TjGxRf.

Trump Says Tax Cuts To Rich Improves Economy. That’s Pure Baloney

2 нед назад

The Trump administration is planning huge cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

Here’s What You Can Do To Help Victims Of California Wildfires

2 нед назад

Here's what you can do to help victims of California wildfires https://goo.gl/s2ZzJV.

It’s Not Just Hollywood, Women Face Sexual Harassment Everywhere

2 нед назад

It's not just Hollywood, women face sexual harassment everywhere.

Why Did Catalonia Hit Pause On Its Independence?

2 нед назад

Why did Catalonia hit pause on its independence?

The US Military Dropped 751 Bombs On Afghanistan In September

2 нед назад

This is a 50% jump from August when the US landed 503 bombs https://goo.gl/cKJDGz.

Why Did Hollywood Stay Silent About Harvey Weinstein For So Long?

2 нед назад

The long silence of Hollywood in the wake of #HarveyWeinstein allegations speaks volume about #misogyny https://goo.gl/7YYPyB.

Ashin Wirathu, The “Face of Buddhist Terror” In Myanmar

2 нед назад

The fundamentalist monk has incited racial violence against the Muslim-minority of Myanmar, Rohingya https://goo.gl/kpsb51.

Trump’s Cabinet Travels In Style At The Expense Of Tax Payers

2 нед назад

The Trump administration has been widely criticized for spending billions on private trips using taxpayer's money. https://goo.gl/yp6wrq.

Does Christopher Columbus Really Deserve A Holiday?

2 нед назад

Does Christopher Columbus really deserve a holiday? Explains Brian Cladoosby, president of the National Congress of American Indians https://goo.gl/QE4Rui.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Dead Wrong About Gun Control Not Working

2 нед назад

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is dead wrong about #guncontrol not working.

Trump’s Most Cringeworthy Moments In The Past Two Weeks

2 нед назад

President Donald Trump's most cringeworthy moments in the past two weeks.

Elizabeth Warren To Wells Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan: ‘You Should Be Fired’

3 нед назад

Sen. Elizabeth Warren eviscerated Well Fargo CEO Timothy Sloan over his involvement in the bank's massive account scam https://goo.gl/sZf8x1.

Congress Puts Health Care For 9 Million Kids In Jeopardy

3 нед назад

Congress forgets to renew Children's Health Insurance Program that covers low-income kids.