Federal Data Shows Black Students Face Harsher Punishments

22 час назад

African-American students in public schools across the United States reportedly receive harsher punishments than white students. Despite the numbers and the need to introduce measures to curb...

Trump Was A Little Too Touchy-Feely During Macron's State Visit

1 дн назад

President Trump was a little too touchy-feely during French President Emmanuel Macron's state visit. The president not just tried to grab his wife's hands or kiss her during the visit, but...

In 2018, Neo-Nazis Burn Swastika, Othala Rune And Make Hitler Salutes

2 дн назад

Neo-Nazis held a swastika-burning ceremony, following a white supremacist rally in Newnan, Georgia. Around two dozen people gave the Nazi salute in front of a burning swastika and othala rune,...

Trump's NatSec Adviser John Bolton Chaired An Anti-Muslim Think Tank

2 дн назад

President Donald Trump's national security adviser John Bolton chaired an anti-Muslim think tank.

Waffle House Shooting Victims Were All People Of Color Under 30

2 дн назад

The horrific shooting at a Waffle House near Nashville, Tennessee, has rocked the nation. As officials release more information on the gunman, it is his victims who are being remembered across...

James Shaw Jr., Who Tackled The Waffle House Shooter, Says He Is Not A Hero

3 дн назад

James Shaw Jr., the man who saved lives by tackling a white gunman at a Nashville Waffle House, says he is not a hero. He insists he was only looking out for himself, but the truth is, if...

Toddler Shootings In The United States Are On The Rise

7 дн назад

Toddler shootings in the United States are on the rise Check out: https://www.carbonated.tv/ Don't forget to follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carbonated.tv/ Twitter: https://twitter...

DC Cops Required To Visit African-American History Museum As Part Of Their Training

1 нед назад

Washington DC police officers are now required to visit African-American history museum as part of training Check out: https://www.carbonated.tv/ Don't forget to follow us: Facebook: https://www.f...

Stephon Clark Didn’t Receive CPR For Nearly 5 Minutes After Being Shot

1 нед назад

Recently released footage shows officers waited nearly five minutes before delivering any lifesaving medical aid to Stephon Clark, the man they had just shot. The cops were concerned if Clark...

Since 2015, Facebook Has Spent $20 Million To Protect Mark Zuckerberg

1 нед назад

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg may take home the annual salary of $1, but his company spent nearly $9 million on him in 2017 alone. While nearly $7.3 million went to Zuckerberg's...

NYC Won’t Destroy The Statue Of The Doctor Who Tortured Black Women

1 нед назад

J. Marion Sims is credited with a number of medical advancements. However, his surgical techniques were only made possible at the painful expense of black women.

Sean Hannity Revealed As Trump Lawyer’s Mystery Client

1 нед назад

Fox News host Sean Hannity has a relationship with, Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's attorney. Will Fox News realize this could look bad for them or will they ignore the conflict of...

Asifa Bano Was Raped And Killed - Now, Some People Are Backing Her Alleged Rapists

1 нед назад

JusticeforAsifa: Thousands take to the streets in India to protest against the gang rape and murder of an eight-year-old Muslim girl, Asifa Bano, in a Hindu-majority area of Jammu and Kashmir state.

Trump's Campaign Has Spent Over 20% On Legal Fees In 2018

1 нед назад

President Donald Trump's re-election campaign has spent over 20% on legal fees in 2018.

Did The US Strikes On Syria Actually Accomplish Anything?

1 нед назад

President Trump declares "mission accomplished" in #SyriaStrike but did the strikes actually accomplish anything?

Millions Of Syrian Children Are Out Of School Because Of War

2 нед назад

Tens of thousands of Syrian children are bearing the brunt of the conflict that started 7 years ago. Human rights groups warn nearly 3 million of Syrian kids under the age of 6 have lived exclusive...

Paul Ryan, Who Took Benefits Away From The Poor, Will Enjoy Maximum Pension

2 нед назад

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who tried his utmost to deprive the disadvantaged and the elderly of their benefits, will reap the full rewards of his pension.Having served three whole years...

Women Earn 20% Less Than Men In America

2 нед назад

One-third Americans think gender pay gap does not exist. However, survey shows women earn 20 percent less than men. The wage gap is even higher for black and Latino women. Companies are not...

DOJ To Temporarily Halt Legal Program Helping Detained Immigrants

2 нед назад

The U.S. immigration courts are set to temporarily discontinue a program that provided legal assistance to detained immigrants in order to check whether it is cost-effective. In 2017, Legal...

Parkland Survivors Are Asking Parents To Pledge Safety Over Guns

2 нед назад

A new initiative, Parents Promise To Kids, is giving adults a chance to advocate for common-sense gun laws. Parents are signing contracts promising their kids they will vote for pro-gun control...

Can Trump Fire Mueller?

2 нед назад

The Trump administration had so far maintained the president wasn't going to fire Mueller, who was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to look into the alleged Russian interferenc...