Negev Palestinians Resist As Israelis Demolish Their Homes

9 час назад

Building houses is illegal even though the Negev villages have existed even before Israel was created https://goo.gl/6O2DBI.

Compared To Obama’s, Donald Trump’s Inaugural Concert Was A Disaster

10 час назад

The Trump Administration reportedly managed to gather 10000 attendees while an estimated 400000 people attended Obama's first inaugural concert.

Here's what Donald Trump has to say just hours before assuming office

15 час назад

Here's what Donald Trump has to say just hours before assuming office.

Rick Perry To Al Franken: ‘I Hope You Are As Much Fun On Your Dais As You Are On Your Couch’

16 час назад

Rick Perry to Al Franken: 'I hope you are as much fun on your dais as you are on your couch'

People Plan To Make Trump’s Inauguration The Least Watched Event Ever

1 дн назад

Internet users are using the hashtags #boycotttrump and #boycottinaugration to urge people to disengage from the spectacle. https://goo.gl/pEXjko.

Bernie Sanders will not vote for Scott Pruitt as EPA administrator

2 дн назад

Pruitt told Sanders that his personal opinion to protect the environment is immaterial.

Obama at final press conference: 'We're going to be OK'

2 дн назад

President Barack Obama's departing message to the American people: "I believe in this country."

Washington, D.C. Will Have 900,000 Protesters On Trump’s Inauguration

2 дн назад

Women's March on Washington will only be one of the dozens of protest on Jan. 20 https://goo.gl/ihK8Tg.

Tiny Moth With Weird Hair Named After Donald Trump

2 дн назад

Biologist names new species of moth "Neopalpa Donaldtrumpi" in honor of Donald Trump.

Trump On Twitter: ‘It’s The Only Way I Can Counteract’

3 дн назад

Trump explains in an interview why he tweets all the time despite of having other things to do.

Vladimir Putin: Those Behind Trump Dossier Are 'Worse Than Prostitutes'

3 дн назад

The Russian president dismisses alleged links between the U.S. president-elect and Moscow and says #GoldenShower claims are "obvious fake"

Thousands Rally To Save Obamacare Across The U.S.

3 дн назад

While Donald Trump spent much of last week slamming U.S. intelligence agencies, Bernie Sanders was rallying people to come out on the streets to defend ...

CNN’s Jim Acosta Grills MLK III Over Trump’s Anti-John Lewis Comments

3 дн назад

Doesn't his Lewis criticism 'cut to your core?'” Jim Acosta questioned MLK III about Trump's comments. https://goo.gl/FiA2pl.

John Lewis tells the youth to follow MLK's dream

4 дн назад

John Lewis tells the youth to follow MLK's dream.

Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee explains why she plans to Skip Donald Trump’s inauguration

4 дн назад

Lee explains that presence of people like Senator Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon who have been campaigning against the human dignity of Americans is the ...

All You Need To Know About The Women's March on Washington

4 дн назад

Hundreds and thousands from across the country have signed up to march in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 21, the day after Trump's inauguration, in support of ...

Kellyanne Conway On Russian Hacking Investigation

4 дн назад

Donald Trump's adviser expressed disappointment over leaks coming from the U.S. intelligence agencies.

CIA Chief John Brennan calls Trump Nazi Germany comparison 'outrageous'

5 дн назад

CIA Chief John Brennan calls Trump Nazi Germany comparison 'outrageous' https://goo.gl/DxKHXE.

Virginia Man Pays $3000 Tax Bill In The Form Of 300,000 Pennies

1 нед назад

Virginia man pays $3000 tax bill to #DMV in the form of 300000 pennies http://www.carbonated.tv/news/virginia-man-pays-taxes-with-300000-pennies-to-dmv.

Indian Paramilitary Soldiers Plea Relief From Desperate Conditions

1 нед назад

Videos of Indian military and paramilitary soldiers complaining of going hungry and not having health and retirement benefits have shaken the country up.

Here Are All The People And Things Donald Trump Has Called ‘Overrated’

1 нед назад

A comprehensive list of people and things Donald Trump has deemed “overrated” on Twitter.