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Russia: ‘No doubt’ US will interfere in upcoming presidential elections – Deputy FM Ryabkov

7 мин назад

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said there is "no doubt" that US would try to interfere in the 2018 Russian presidential election, speaking in an ...

LIVE: Lavrov holds joint press conference with Cambodia’s FM following meeting in Moscow

23 мин назад

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov holds a joint press conference with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Kingdom of ...

Japan: Live-fire military drills held near Mount Fuji

45 мин назад

Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force soldiers participated in an annual three day live-fire training session at the Higashi-Fuji firing range, near Mount Fuji, ...

Argentina: Japanese-Argentine couple wins Tango stage world championship

49 мин назад

Japanese-Argentine pair Axel Arakaki and Agostina Tarchini triumphed at the 15th World Tango Festival and Competition in Buenos Aires, Wednesday night.

LIVE: Clashes erupt as police evict migrants from occupied building in Rome

1 час назад

Migrants protest against the eviction of hundreds of people from an occupied building on Independence Square in Rome on Thursday, August 24. On August 19 ...

Italy: Police unleash water cannons on rioting migrants in Rome

2 час назад

Clashes erupted between security forces and migrants at the Independence Square in Rome in the early hours of Thursday, as the migrants protested against ...

USA: Protesters demand removal of Chicago monument honoring Fascist general's historic flight

2 час назад

Protesters rallied to demand the removal of a monument, gifted to the city by Italian dictator and leader of the National Fascist Party Benito Mussolini. in ...

USA: Trump picketed outside American Legion convention in Reno

7 час назад

Scores protested against US President Donald Trump in Reno, Wednesday, as he arrived in town to give a speech at the American Legion convention in the ...

Austria: Macron vows commitment to EU at four-party summit in Salzburg

7 час назад

French President Emmanuel Macron said he is open to bilateral dialogue with "everyone who demonstrates a willingness, an ambition for Europe," speaking at ...

Yemen: 12-year-old and two-time cholera victim Hameed allowed back home

7 час назад

Two-time cholera victim Hameed was seen at his home in Sana'a alongside family members on Tuesday, after two prolonged periods of hospitalisation.

USA: 'BlackOutNFL' - Scores arrive outside NFL HQ to show solidarity with Colin Kaepernick

7 час назад

Scores denounced racism and racial inequality in the National Football League (NFL), outside its headquarters in New York City on Wednesday. The protesters ...

USA: 'It's gonna be blood, sweat and tears' - Mayweather and McGregor anticipate bout

7 час назад

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) boxer Conor McGregor held a press conference in Las Vegas, on Wednesday, ...

South Korea: SK army holds joint military drills with USA

9 час назад

South Korean and US military forces took part in their joint bi-annual military drills, spanning the nation, on Wednesday. Tens of thousands were part of the Ulchi ...

USA: 'House of horrors' - locals protest Queens property displaying Nazi motifs and racist images

9 час назад

Residents of 47-55 39th Place, in Sunnyside, Queens, protested against the building's manager Neal Milano on Wednesday, who has plastered the building's ...

Germany: Far-right group gathers for annual protest against ban

9 час назад

Far-right group NWDO (National Resistance Dortmund) gathered for an annual protest in Dortmund, Wednesday, against a ban the organisation received from ...

Latvia: People hold procession to celebrate independence from Soviet Union

9 час назад

Nationalists held a procession in Riga to celebrate Latvian independence from the Soviet Union and the Helsinki-86 Human Rights Defense Group, the first ...

Switzerland: Drone captures landslide devastation over Swiss-Italian border village

9 час назад

A major landslide hit the village of Bondo on the border between Italy and Switzerland, Tuesday, leading to the evacuation of over 100 local residents.

Netherlands: Concert cancelled after Spanish van filled with gas bottles discovered in Rotterdam

9 час назад

A van with Spanish licence plates, filled with gas bottles, was discovered by police in Rotterdam, Wednesday, resulting in the cancellation of a concert of the US ...

Switzerland: Can't equivocate white supremacists and their opponents - CERD chair

9 час назад

Chairperson of UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) Anastasia Crickley criticised the official US response to the right-wing ...

Sudan: Russian ambassador Mirgayas Shirinskiy found dead in his home *AUDIO FILE*

9 час назад

SOT, Sergei Konyashin, spokesman for the Russian Embassy in Sudan (Russian): "Today around 6 o'clock in the evening the Russian ambassador was found ...

Estonia: Victims of communism and Nazism commemorated on Black Ribbon Day

9 час назад

A day of remembrance for victims of communism and Nazism known as Black Ribbon Day was held in Tallinn, Wednesday. People gathered to commemorate ...