Free Speech Rally in Boston & Counter Protesters Antifa, Black Lives matter Marching

2 дн назад

today a "Free Speech" Rally took place in Boston which was met by peaceful Counter Protesters Antifa and Black Lives matter groups also president trump ...

President Trump FIERY Press Conference at Trump Tower in NYC "Both sides to blame" 8/15/2017 video

6 дн назад

Today President trump held a press conference on trump tower were he answer questions by CNN, MSNBC news reporterspresident Trump says both sides to ...

Trump Tower Protests as President Trump Returns to NYC

7 дн назад

today there was a peaceful protest outside trump tower cause president Trump was Returning to NYC since may.

President Trump tells CNN Jim Acosta "he likes real news not fake news. You're fake news."

7 дн назад

President Trump gets confronted by CNN reporter Jim Acosta for not having a Press Conference and taking questions president trump tells jim scosta he likes ...

Terry McAuliffe Press Conference on Charlottesville [POWERFUL MESSAGE] 8/12/2017

1 нед назад

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe decried the supporters of white nationalism who descended upon Charlottesville during a press conference Saturday, after protests ...

James Mattis Press Conference on North Korea & President Trump's ESCALATING words on NOKO

2 нед назад

United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis Press Conference Briefing on North Korea & President Trump scalating words on north korea 8/10/2017 video.

US State Department Press Briefing on North Korea & other World Events 8/10/2017

2 нед назад

US State Department Heather Nauert Press Briefing on North Korea & other World Events 8/10/2017.

Stephen Miller FIERY Exchange with CNN Reporter Jim Acosta on immigration

3 нед назад

President Trump's Senior Advisor Stephen Miller Confronted by CNN Reporter on trump's new Immigration Reform Bill at White House Press Briefing with Sarah ...