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What Lengths Will China Go To Feed Its People as Ancient Cycles Repeat (767)

15 час назад

With the first ever "red warning for cold" issued in cities of HeiLongJiang N.E China, it signals a shift to a cooler climate as well monsoons shift during Grand ...

(MIAC #156) Reasons for Strangeness We Are Seeing Across the Planet

2 дн назад

(MIAC #156) Reasons for Strangeness We Are Seeing Across the Planet ...

Extinction Level Event Begins Spring 2019 as Harvard Public Geoengineering Goes Live (766)

2 дн назад

Geoengineering tests are being public announced by Harvard University, the Solar Geoengineering Research Program is now public. So much for the ...

(MIAC #155) Energetic Changes Sweeping Our Spiral Arm of the Galaxy and Sun

3 дн назад

(AUDIO PODCAST) MIAC #155 Energetic Changes Sweeping Our Spiral Arm of the Galaxy and Sun ...

Bernie Sanders Now Irrelevant in the Climate Debate & ADAPT 2030 City Garden (765)

5 дн назад

Bernie Sanders has just removed himself from the climate debate by responding to criticism of his private jet travels with a quip of "we bought $5000 of carbon ...

(MIAC #154) Earth’s Magnetic Poles Moving & Sun’s Color is Changing

5 дн назад

(AUDIO PODCAST) MIAC #154 Earth's Magnetic Poles Moving & Sun's Color is Changing ...

Winter Storm Diego, Blizzard France, Snow Buried Cattle Russia, Volcano Italy (764)

6 дн назад

Winter Storm Diego dumps a years worth of snowfall in a single day in the South East USA, hundreds of thousands without power, while in Europe blizzards ...

Cold Cyclone Low on Snow and UK Climate Assessment Forecast to 2030 (763)

1 нед назад

Cyclone winds to blast UK at 100mph+ moving on to western Europe over the next few days. On the heels of the incredibly strong storm it is blamed on climate ...

(MIAC #153) Fireball Activity Increases as Solar Activity Decreases: SOTT Interview

1 нед назад

(AUDIO PODCAST) MIAC #153 Fireball Activity Increases, Solar Activity Decreases: The Cycle ...

Updrafts & Downdrafts Crops Cant Handle the Albino Reindeer (762)

1 нед назад

Albino reindeer born the same week a double headed goat emerges, cows killed by hail maybe in South Africa, crops wiped out in Australia from hail.

(MIAC #152) Global Changes Happening So Quickly Right Now

2 нед назад

(AUDIO PODCAST) (MIAC #152) What is the Catalyst for Global Changes Happening Right Now?

Hot & Cold Cycles Repeating on Earth #9 Holds the Answer (761)

2 нед назад

As our Earths magnetosphere weakens further and spring temperatures push through winter in the Northern Hemisphere and fall temperatures intertwine ...

(MIAC #150) Final Piece of the Grain Commodities Smart Contract Puzzle OATH Protocol

2 нед назад

David DuByne of ADAPT 2030 and YIN XU Co-founder & CEO of OATH Blockchain Dispute Resolution & Governance Protocol discuss how OATH is the final ...

Fuel First, Food Second What Will Spark Repeating Cycles in the Masses (760)

2 нед назад

Mind experiment; as you have seen French very upset about rising fuel prices when there is still available supply what do you think will happen when food triples ...

(MIAC #149) Atlantic Water Temperatures Cool & Magnetic Poles Shifting

2 нед назад

(AUDIO PODCAST) MIAC #149 Atlantic Water Temperatures Cool & Magnetic Poles Shifting ...

Electric Earthquakes in Alaska and Global Ringing Sounds (759)

2 нед назад

Strange vibrations from the Earth registered around the planet for 20 minutes that is still unknown the cause now a 7.0+ quake over Alaska directly under an ...

Global Electric Current Has Shifted: Piers Corbyn Astrophysicist (PART 2)

2 нед назад

Astrophysist Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction long range forecasters and David DuByne of ADAPT 2030 discuss what to expect moving deeper into the Grand ...

(MIAC #148) How Governments Justify a Public Geoengineering Program to Cool the Earth

2 нед назад

(AUDIO PODCAST) (MIAC #148) Justifying a Public Geoengineering Program to Cool the Earth ...

Earth’s Atmosphere Radically Shifts as Global Leaders Bury Their Heads Through G20 (758)

2 нед назад

Fourth National Climate Assessment CHAPTER 10: AGRICULTURE AND RURAL COMMUNITIES should make you question why there is no PLAN B for any ...

(MIAC #147) Real Reason the USA is Increasing Domestic Oil Production

3 нед назад

(AUDIO PODCAST) (MIAC #147) Real Reason the USA is Increasing its Oil Production ...

Sun Dimming the Geoengineering Excuse Why Earth is Cooling (757)

3 нед назад

More unusual climate extremes across the planet from three feet of rain in Saudi Arabia to snow in the Canary Islands, quadruple waterspouts in Thailand, EF4 ...