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LIVE: Trump to be sworn in as 45th president of the United States

5 час назад

Donald Trump is due to be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States in an inaugural ceremony at the US Capitol Building in Washington DC on ...

Germany: German battalion prepares to deploy in Lithuania for NATO

1 дн назад

German troops held a farewell parade before their deployment to Lithuania, in Oberviechtach on Thursday. "Panzergrenadierbataillon 122" is departing to ...

Russia: Special Forces showcase combat skills to mark professional holiday

3 мес назад

Special Forces units of Russia's Western Military District demonstrated their combat skills during field exercises in Pskov region, Monday. Replicating real-life ...

Ukraine: Punches fly during speech in parliament

2 мес назад

The leader of Ukraine's Radical Party Oleg Lyashko was punched in the face by Opposition Bloc Deputy Yury Boyko in Kiev on Monday. Lyashko was speaking ...

Russia: Meet the hero cat who SAVED an abandoned baby

2 год назад

A long-haired cat named Masha was basking in the glory of her reputation as a neighbourhood hero in the Russian city of Obninsk on Wednesday, days after ...

Russia: See Sukhoi Su-30SM jets tear up the skies

9 мес назад

Footage emerged, Saturday, showing a fighter aviation division preparing Sukhoi Su-30SM jets for combat duty at the Millerovo airbase in Rostov Region.

Kyrgyzstan: At least 32 dead after Boeing 747 crashes into village

5 дн назад

A cargo jet Boeing 747 crashed killing at least 32 and injuring eight, near Kyrgyzstan's capital of Bishkek, Monday. Mandatory Credit: ZANOZA.KG Video ID: ...

Kyrgyzstan: Drone captures devastation at crash site of Turkish cargo jet

4 дн назад

Drone footage captured the smoldering wreckage of a Boeing 747 cargo jet in the devastated village of Dacha-Suu, Monday, after the plane crashed into the ...

LIVE: Protests during Obama's visit to Athens

2 мес назад

Ruptly will be LIVE from Athens on Tuesday, November 15, as protest are planned ahead of US President Barack Obama's visit to the city. Besides a two-day ...

Iraq: Peshmerga forces shoot down IS drone during Mosul advance

3 мес назад

Kurdish Peshmerga forces advanced through the village of Nawaran, north of Mosul, Thursday, as they continued their campaign against the self-proclaimed ...

Best of Ruptly drone footage

3 мес назад

Belgium: Far-right activists rally against Merkel receiving honourary doctorate

1 нед назад

Dozens of far-right Flemish and French activists gathered in front of 'The Egg' venue in Brussels, to protest against the award a title of honourary doctorate to ...

USA: Rifle carrying gun-rights supporters protest controls in Olympia

7 дн назад

Around 100 gun-rights protesters rallied in protest at existing gun control legislation and further legislation recently proposed, on the steps of Washington State ...

Protests against Trump’s inauguration in Washington, DC (Streamed live)

5 час назад


Syria: Drone captures Sheikh Saeed in Aleppo taken by SAA

1 мес назад

Drone footage shows the neighbourhood of Sheikh Saeed after goverment forces liberated the district and other areas of rebel-held in east Aleppo, on Monday.

Russia: Meet HEAD TRANSPLANT volunteer Valeri Spiridonov

2 год назад

Russian computer scientist Valeri Spiridonov is set to undergo the world's first full head transplant, with the 30-year-old expressing hope of "success" in a ...

Russia: 'Obama burn in hell' activists unfurl banner in front of US embassy

3 дн назад

Activists unfurled a banner reading 'Obama burn in hell' in front of the US Embassy in Moscow, Tuesday. They fired flares before setting the canvas on fire.

LIVE: Wikileaks founder Assange to be questioned by prosecutors in London

2 мес назад

RUPTLY will be LIVE from outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Monday, November 14, as an Ecuadorian prosecutor and a Swedish assistant ...

Russia: Armed Forces test new Kalashnikovs and 'Warrior' combat suits

4 мес назад

Russian military officials conducted tests of new light weapons for the Russian Armed Forces at the Alabino range in the Moscow Region, Tuesday. SOT, Major ...

LIVE: Anonymous take to streets of London for Million Mask March

2 мес назад

Anonymous activists are due to gather in Trafalgar Square, London on Saturday, November 5, for the Annual Million Masks March. The Anonymous movement ...

Ukraine: Drone captures destruction of 'Debaltsevo Cauldron' one year on

11 мес назад

Drone footage shot on Thursday shows the war-scarred landscape and damaged villages around what became known, during the height of the Ukrainian ...