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Russia: Dachshunds dress up as sailors to celebrate anniversary of St. Petersburg's founding

11 час назад

More than 100 dachshund dogs dressed in different costumes participated in an annual costume parade on St. Petersburg's Vasilyevski Island, Saturday.

Germany: Hundreds BA passengers stranded at Berlin Tegel Airport amid IT crash

13 час назад

Hundreds British Airways passengers were left stranded at Tegel Airport in Berlin, Saturday, as their flights had been cancelled as a result of crashing of airline's ...

LIVE: G7 summit gets underway in Taormina, Sicily: day one

2 дн назад

The 43rd G7 summit is taking place in Taormina, Sicily, between May 26-27. Attendees will include the leaders of the Group of Seven member states, as well as ...

LIVE: Anti-austerity protests to take place in Athens as parliament votes on new measures

1 нед назад

Protesters will take to the streets in Athens against new pension and tax-break cuts which will be voted on in parliament. A similar protest on Wednesday ...

LIVE: Moscow hosts Victory Day parade on Red Square

3 нед назад

05:00 - 07:00 GMT - Parade preparations 07:00 GMT - Victory Parade Moscow hosts the 2017 Moscow Victory Day Parade on the Red Square on Tuesday, May ...

Russia: Philippine Pres. Duterte cuts Moscow trip short after Marawi attack

4 дн назад

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with his Philippine counterpart Rodrigo Duterte in Moscow, Tuesday, two days earlier than their scheduled meeting, due to ...

LIVE: Protesters rally in Sicily against G7

13 час назад

Activists protest in Giardini-Naxos, close to Taormina, Sicily, against the 'Group of Seven' as their 2017 summit gets underway. Leaders of France, Germany, Italy ...

China: Putin plays the piano at Xi Jinping's residence in Beijing

2 нед назад

Russian President Vladimir Putin took the opportunity to play the piano while he was waiting to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, in Beijing on Sunday.

Indonesia: Russian missile cruiser Varyag docks in Jakarta for port visit

4 дн назад

The Russian Navy guided missile cruiser and flagship of the Russian Pacific Fleet, the Varyag, arrived at the country's busiest port, Tanjung Priok, in Jakarta on ...

Russia: Putin and Patriarch Kirill attend consecration of new church in Moscow

3 дн назад

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the consecration ceremony of the newly completed Resurrection of Christ and the New Martyrs and Confessors of the ...

Russia: Meet the hero cat who SAVED an abandoned baby

2 год назад

A long-haired cat named Masha was basking in the glory of her reputation as a neighbourhood hero in the Russian city of Obninsk on Wednesday, days after ...

LIVE: Duterte arrives in Moscow: Protocol

5 дн назад

President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte arrives in Moscow on Tuesday, May 22. The five-day visit to Moscow will be Duterte's first official trip to Russia.

Syria: Intense fighting as government forces recapture Maardis

2 мес назад

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) fighters reportedly recaptured the village of Maardis in northern Hama on Monday, after several hours of heavy fighting. Video ID: ...

LIVE: Trump visits Israel during first Middle East trip as president

6 дн назад

US President Donald Trump arrives in Jerusalm, Israel, on Monday, May 22, during his first overseas trip as President of the United States. His visit to Israel ...

Russia: See LADA transform into gun-toting 'Transformers' robot

1 нед назад

A father and son team inspired by the 'Transformers' film have created their own car-robot, built from a Russian-made 'Lada' vehicle. The Russian version of the ...

Syria: Government troops make advances in Homs countryside

3 дн назад

Syrian Army forces managed to open a new front in their battle against anti-government militants near Qaryatayn, southeast of Homs countryside, Wednesday.

Argentina: Farmer discovers 10,000-year-old glyptodon fossil in Ezeiza

1 год назад

After a farmer stumbled across a metre-long shell in a rural area outside the city of Ezeiza on Christmas Day, a team of paleontologists confirmed on Wednesday ...

LIVE: Protesters head to Berlin’s leftist Kreuzberg district for May Day demo

4 нед назад

Protesters hit the streets of Kreuzberg, a traditionally left-wing Berlin neighbourhood, on May 1. Due to safety concerns, Berlin authorities limited the amount of ...

China: Putin, Xi Jinping and Lavrov take lunch together in Beijing

2 нед назад

Russian President Vladimir Putin ate lunch with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in Beijing on Sunday, as the Belt and ...

Russia: Moved for the first time in 1000 years - Saint Nicholas‘ relics arrive in Moscow

7 дн назад

The relics of Saint Nicholas arrived at Moscow's Vnukovo International Airport on Sunday, their first relocation from their resting place in Italy in almost 1000 ...

LIVE: Milo Yiannopoulos leads protest against Linda Sarsour’s keynote speech at CUNY

2 дн назад

PHONE STREAMING QUALITY Former Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos is leading a demonstration opposing City University of New York's invitation to ...