How About That...

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Thanks (and credit for content used in this video) FiverrFunnyGuys Sargon of Akkad ...

Joe Rogan & Philip DeFranco on PewDiePie Controversy

14 час назад

Joe Rogan and Philip DeFranco discuss the recent PewDiePie racism controversy. Taken from JRE #922. Full podcast ...

Jacksepticeye Backstabs PewDiePie! #DramaAlert

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ヅI photoshop myself to fit my prediction of what I thought I would look like in the futureヅ.

Pewdiepie Racist Anti Semitic Claims - My Response

1 нед назад

My response to the news of Pewdiepie being racis or anti semitic. Pewdiepie did Nazi that coming! What a Roast! Jokes aside its rediculous that everything went ...

Is PewDiePie a Racist?

2 нед назад

This has honestly gone too far, and I felt the need to defend my friend. We Used to be Drug Dealers ▻ H3 Podcast is available at: ITUNES ...

Why People Are FREAKING OUT About The PewDiePie Disney Youtube Scandal

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TUESDAY! Happy Valentine's Day, you Beautiful Bastards! Check out and enter offer code “Phil” to get 10% off Watch the ...

Joe Rogan & Philip DeFranco Discuss PewDiePie Controversy

11 час назад

Check out the JRE Clips channel: This clips is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience ...

The PewDiePie Thing

6 дн назад

There's been a lot of controversy recently about PewDiePie and I wanted to give my opinions, as a Youtuber and a member of a Disney Youtube network.

Twitch Streamer DIES on Stream #DramaAlert KSI is BLACK! PewDiePie & WSJ

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Why People Are FREAKING OUT About Milo's Scandal And The PewDiePie Fallout

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#PewDiePie JE RASISTA !!!

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Moje vyjádření ke kauze PewDiePie VS. Disney a rasismus v jeho videu... ODBĚR KANÁLU ○ POSLEDNÍ VIDEO ...

|PewDiePie| против |СМИ| - {ПЕРВАЯ ЧАСТЬ}

5 час назад

Это удаленные видео Pewds'а, которые """"Объективные, достоверные и много уважаемые""""" СМИ использовали, для...

10 RICHEST YOUTUBERS 2017 (Guava Juice, Roman Atwood, Pewdiepie)

18 час назад

The 10 Richest youtubers of 2017! Guava Juice, Roman Atwood, Pewdiepie, Ryan's toy reviews... ▻GUAVA JUICE ○ THEN AND NOW 2017 ...

Protecting PewDiePie! | GTA 5 | GTA 5 Online Funny Moments!

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Protecting PewDiePie! | GTA 5 | GTA 5 Online Funny Moments! w/ ProperIdiots Subscribe for DAILY VIDEOS: ☆ Beam (DAILY ...

MSM Tried To Destroy PewDiePie and OMG It Just Backfired! So ridiculous...

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THIRSTY THURSDAY! Or something like that… Whatever, let's talk about some news! Watch the Brand New Docuvlog!: ...

|PewDiePie| - САМАЯ ГОРЯЧАЯ ДЕВУШКА НА ЮТУБЕ {Русская Озвучка}

1 дн назад

Реклама, сотрудничество - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Оригинал лежит здесь...


23 час назад

For all you who think I took Pewdiepie's comments seriously, I didnt. I know it was all a joke :) I was being sarcastic most of the time throughout the video, which I ...

My Response

1 нед назад

ヅ My statement about hate groups supporting me:

WER GEWINNT DIE OSCARS?! - PewDiePie, Julien Bam..?

2 дн назад

Was wäre, wenn es YouTube Oscar Awards geben würde? Na das! :D Außerdem gibt's ein Fantreffen und 15.000€ zu gewinnen! Hier direkt und kostenlos ...

TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE {Important Videos Edition}

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